1) Self-Discipline 2) Islam and Atheism, Together Against Christianity


Going on a rift, there was a time – pre-Internet – when you could rely on a tribe, a village, a priesthood, a government to determine the morality of a people: to decide what images & ideas were legitimate, and what images & ideas are forbidden.

And not only this, but to successfully enforce their decision.

But those days are gone. First by radio, then by movies, then TV, and now via the Internet, there is no real guardian over what ideas you or your family takes in. Disciplined parents might be able to enforce their rules on children before the age of 12-14, but I severely doubt that they can do it afterwards.

The march of technology will only further erode the powers of the State and Society: government will have to start with ourselves, and our willing submission to Christ. “This is government in the broadest sense: self-government, family government, civil government, and church government.” as North would say.

This – among other reasons – is why I am confident in a Christian future, and not in the future of the Secular State or the Islamic State. Secularists really, truly do believe in the wisdom of bureaucrats and experts, and this kind of elite, centralized control is moving on the way out, with increasing rapidly.

(Not much more to say about the Secular State: as they insist on killing their children and in bankrupting their future, there isn’t much reason to worry about a bunch of dying losers chasing delusional fantasies.)

Islam believes in war, empire, and oppression of the Infidel: but these goals won’t work in an age when everyone can arm themselves, when empires can’t be properly administered, and oppression is increasingly easy to escape.

(No doubt, the Muslims will insist on how they care about the People of the Book. I recommend that you ask Coptic Christians about the loving-kindness of Muslims, or the million-dead Armenians of Turkey about the value of kindness, compared to actual protection under the law, from property rights to self-defense, from freedom to worship to the right to live in peace – without the grovelling of submission.

Muslims can keep their here-today, gone-tomorrow, politically-expedient ‘kindness’, and their willingness to offer ‘protection’. (Protection from whom, I wonder….?)

I’m going for actual justice, the Rule of Law as Moses taught. “One God, One Law.” )

The Christian society – I don’t say “State” as Christian government is divided into personal, family, judicial, and church, all under God instead of all under the State – is able to adjust and grow with the future. The rate of change will only increase, and our personal responsibility will only grow.

Secularists insist that material genes and the material environment is what matters: hard-core Muslims are as fatalistic about their deity as they are eager to crush the Infidel.

Islam With Atheism & Secularism, Against Christianity

An extended quote, from Bojidar Marinov’s article Islam and Secular Humanism are Two Sides of the Same Coin:

In one of his essays titled “Why I Am Not a Muslim” (the same as the title of his book, but the essay covers different topics) Ibn Warraq correctly describes the influence of many other religions on Islam, including Judaism and Christianity. He misses one point, though: the nature of God in Islam. Superficially, Islam borrows heavily from Judaism and Christianity; fundamentally, its God is completely different. Yes, God is the Creator, and He sustains the world, and He sends the prophets, but . . . God cannot speak directly to men, nor can He be involve in the material world in any direct, comprehensible way. The Christians and the Jews believe in the Creator-creature distinction, but they also believe that God can cross the line and take on human form, and appear to men in a visible form. Not so in Islam. God is so high and removed from His creation, a Muslim must believe that there is no visible, comprehensible, direct way He can speak to men or associate with men in any possible way. That’s why the thought of God having a Son is so intolerable to a Muslim; it “denigrates” God to the level of His creation, and the Muslim God cannot do it without violating His own nature.

To use the analogy of the median line on the road, in Christianity that line is solid on the side of creation, and dotted on God’s side. We can never cross the line and become divine but God can cross it any time He wants and become man and speak and reveal Himself to men. In Islam, the line is solid on both sides, and neither we nor God can cross it. The concept of God in flesh is foreign to Islam, and therefore the concept of direct revelation doesn’t exist in Islam.

Not even the Koran is a direct revelation. Islam scholars may sometimes call it the “Word of God,” but by their own admission it isn’t; it is only given through an angel, not through God’s direct revelation. God cannot speak to men in intelligible words; He must use an angel. And of course, angels are as different from men as God is different from angels. So who knows how much the words of an angel can be comprehended by men?

And here we come to the crux of the matter: If God is so separated and detached from His creation that He can’t even deliver direct revelation to it in His own words, for all practical purposes He is as good as a non-existent God. There can be no “certain theological truths” from a God Whose words we can’t hear or comprehend. In the final account, Islam is not a religion of “certain theological truths,” it is a religion of uncertain man-made rules, doomed to always change according to the latest whims of religious leaders or political rulers. Since there is no direct revelation from God, it is direct rule from powerful men that must replace it.

In this, Islam is not different from secular humanism. Since there is no God Who speaks directly to men in secular humanism, eventually it is the powerful men, or the intellectuals, or some other elite that must deliver the truths to men in order to build and sustain a working society. The fact that individual men can doubt those truths doesn’t make it better: they still have to submit since there is no higher recourse for them to appeal to.

So both Islam and secular humanism are forms of humanism. And predictably, both Islam and secular humanism must lead to tyranny, oppression, backwardness, and dead end. The only difference is that Islam at least gives some hope for the life hereafter; secular humanism doesn’t. Ibn Warraq’s crusade is misguided. You can’t beat an ideology with the same ideology, with the hope taken away from it.

No wonder in the modern world secular humanism and Islam are allies on the political and ideological arena. Their common foe is . . . Christianity.

And so it is. Both Secularism & Islam are dying belief systems – yes, even Islam, which is great at hating and killing and exalting itself while excusing its every failure, and worthless at inventing and building and thinking… or even reading – you have seen their literacy rates, yes?

But then again, when the women of Islam gain literacy, birth rates drop like a stone.

The entire thrust of Islam is about dominating the other, not self-control. And in an era where self-control, self-discipline, and the ability to learn is the dividing line between the living and the dead, Islam falls on the wrong side of the line.

After all, the level of pornography in Pakistan and Afghanistan is far higher than in today’s Europe. Men there dream of war and conquest, of regaining national pride, not of building their nations or humbly serving each other. They are not only falling behind the West now, but now trail everyone else, save Black Africa alone.

An Aside: I have a prediction: the day will come when much of Black Africa will move right on past the Arab Muslim nations. Not today, and not in 40 years… but in a century? I think that’s doable.


No endemic wars, no commitment to ignorance, and the rise of the multisector economy (as opposed to the single-crop oil economies of the Middle East.) And of course, Black Africa will have children and thus a future: Arab Nations increasingly will not, as modern demographic trends show.

Life is better when you don’t have the whole world hating you, from Europe to India to China to the Americas.


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