Law and Courts, Defeat and Victory

I was just reviewing an old article from North, regarding The Culture War and the Public Schools. In regard to abortion, he notes that the battle was lost in the courts, and will have to be regained in the courts. Interestingly, the actual ruling in 1971 was not initially to create a national right to kill the kid, but was on a technical matter.

But no matter: the Compassionate Ones, saw their opportunity to get some more killing done in the Name of Pleasure, and took it.

I would also like to note that there are no Protestants on the Supreme Court: this is natural, as most Protestants have been taught to despise Law – in direct opposition to Christ and the Bible. So instead of determining the law and ruling their enemies, their enemies define the law, and thus rule them.

(And the standard love of Rapture-escapism and a casual, unserious attitude to the entire Bible and the Commandments does not help teach the importance of discipline, scholarship, and hard work, which is necessary – but not sufficient – to regain the Courts.)

Evil must be defeated, and it will be. But there are no shortcuts: by work and wisdom, prayer and obedience, will the victory be gained.

The enemy is quite self-destructive and short-sighted: there is no need to act like some lawless revolutionary or jihadist. No Christian may follow the murderous & lawless paths of the Lord’s enemies. Watch, listen, learn, act, all under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to the true goal of His Glory and His Justice – ignoring all distractions and delusions.

(And to anger the enemy even more, be sure to raise many godly children in your household: not to hide in fear in some Christian ghetto, not to stew in hate and envy in some Muslim ghetto, but to step forward retake your family, city, nation, world for Christ and His Law-Word.)

Leadership of your society, the rebirth of freedom, and the breaking of the rule of your enemies over you starts with self-governance and self-discipline, perseverance and prayer, day after day.

Divine wisdom and the love of God is the key. Listen to the full testimony of the Word, and then obey, day after day.


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