The Small Cloud on the Horizon

I am quite suspicious, when it comes to news of corpses coming back into the world of the living.

Still… I am no atheistic materialist. If there is sufficient, repeatable evidence that proves that the corpse is no longer dead, but is now alive, I’ll admit that the corpse lives.

So I am interested in the news from France, where Parisian churches are full, not empty. Not enough priests, and not enough churches: but the evidence is there.

A single swallow does not make a spring, and there are still plenty of empty churches – especially in the Protestant nations with their government sock-puppets churches.

Still… the ongoing failure of Europe’s current saviour of choice, the Welfare State, will tend to discredit the intensely anti-Christian establishment that currently dominates the continent. At the end of the day, most white Europeans aren’t interested in converting to Islam. And finally, the future belongs to those who have children: and Muslim birth rates are in steep decline, on track to fall below European birthrates.

I still think it’s wise to abandon Europe, though: a bankrupt, anarchic-tyrannical chaos is far more likely in a post-Euro, post-Socialist Europe than any restoration of liberty or Christendom. Dying societies thrash painfully, and are best avoided.

In the meantime, in the US… fewer churches are being built, even as congregations multiply. Seeing that church growth dies when the building is hauled up, this is very good news indeed! Now, about the next generation of Christians, homeschooling, entrepreneurship, and the Ron Paul Curriculum


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