Isidore of Seville and the Birth of Europe as the Regnum Christi

While still reading various articles from Christendom Restored, I came across a good one on Isidore.

Isidore was born in AD 560 in Spain. He was raised by his older brother, Leander, bishop of Seville. The second half of the sixth century was time when Spain was effectively cut off from the main Christian centers of learning so Leander took upon himself the task to revive and develop Christian learning in Spain, and give his two younger brothers, Isidore and Fulgentius, and their sister Florentina, a superb intellectual training. Leander was also very active in defending the orthodox Christian faith; his influence was such as to make the Arian Visigothic rulers of Spain convert to the Trinitarian Christian faith. He used his own funds to send people out to procure rare ancient manuscripts and created for his brothers and for the church in Spain a library that could have easily been the third largest library in the world at the time. Leander also established dozens of scriptoria (centers for copying manuscripts). Copying manuscripts was considered a worthy vocation in Spain, and two generations after Leander Spain was still replete with libraries – private and in monasteries – with thousands of volumes.

Can you imagine the standard American Conservative Christian giving his children “superb intellectual training”? Or using his own funds to set up the third biggest library at the time?

(And can you imagine the university-trained atheist ever mentioning these facts in public? Talk about off-message! Now, if you want to get on-message and dig up what Our Compassionate Friends decided to not bother teach anymore, a good place to start is with The Formation of Christendom, by Judith Herrin.)

Now, I agree with North that it’s far more important to set up an online homeschooling program for covenant children than another library – but even now, there are great rewards to be had if homeschooled children would learn Medieval (not Classical) Latin, and bring back to life a vast amount of Christian thought currently locked away in a dead language.

All previous ages existed only to provide the background for that most important age in history. All previous human achievements in knowledge, wisdom, technologies, social development, philosophy, existed only to be used in the right way in the regnum Christi. The whole world found its fulfillment only in the Incarnation of Christ, and now it was a Kingdom of Christ, under Christ’s royal rule, destined to become one Christian civilization, under Christ, where all authorities and powers will submit to the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

This total authority of Christ in this age of regnum Christi will make all the nations become membra Christi, limbs of Christ. Nations, proposed Isidore, would be judged by a moral standard, just like individuals, and the greatest of them would be those that live – as societies – most clearly in accordance with the Christian faith. All aspects of the life of a nation must become harmonized with the teachings of Christ, from the personal life of the individuals to the government policies and international relations of the rulers. Those that fail to abide by the Law of Christ will be judged in history. Those that obey will prosper and grow.

Therefore Isidore saw the role of the Church in teaching everyone – from the lowest peasant to the highest court officials – their duties in the new age of regnum Christi. Under Leander and then Isidore, Spanish monks developed a curriculum for instructing peasants and their families in the basics of the Christian faith. (See the life of the monk Valerio of Bierzo.) The very idea of monasticism in Spain, under the vision of Isidore, was completely different from the Eastern monasticism: monks were supposed to be teachers of the local communities in the matters of faith, practical morality and even social organization, not hermits living in remote places dealing with their pseudo-spiritual hallucinations.

This – or something a lot like this – is what the Church needs. Not more Rapture escapism, no more grovelling to the Establishment that despises you, but instead the essence of victory: the discipline, application, and growth of the Word, in the hear and now, to redeem the world, in time and in history, for eternity.

“Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.” – Luke 11:2

If the destructive ignorance and foolishness of the current delusionary  Power Elite bores you (when it isn’t disgusting you), then it’s time to get cracking on building a better class of people to take their place… before today’s elite become completely irrelevant. And to gain better leadership, you need a better people. For a better people, you need a higher community-wide level of both understanding and reverence for the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

But a warning: God is not interested in having His Name used in vain by a bunch of politicians, for the greater good of their power and their tribe. Tell me when they are willing to repent as a nation, to publicly confess their sins before God, and then the door to true greatness, majesty, victory, and peace will be open again.

Until then, God’s unrepentant people can expect to be further ground under the heels of their enemies.

Christus Victor!

Christ is victorious over all of His enemies… including those with pious words from their poisonous lips.

Do not be deceived: Christ knows His own.


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