Be Better Than Your Enemies: Speak the Truth

A.N. Wilson wrote a recent article on those repressed Victorians that Our Masters so greatly loathe.

A careful observer of the era – noting the hundreds of thousands of prostitutes in London and Paris, or the clergy’s quick to adopt evolution (and get rid of God as Creator (and thus the lawful Owner) of everything and everybody), or the widespread support for bathing naked – would be puzzled about all this hostility.

The proper reason is that Our Masters loathed both family and church and the firm, as they are social structures outside of our only true Master, the State. So  to do this, they had to slander and lie about the Victorians: if they had said the truth and nothing but the truth, The Loving Ones would not have gotten what they wanted.

This is to be expected, as Our Masters are moral relativists, and are willing to say any old thing, so long as it is effective in getting then what they want.

Christians are not to follow in the footsteps of the enemies of God – and thus, the enemies of Truth, Life, Liberty, Family, Church, and Property.

Christians are to be better than this.


It should be noted that those who hate God not only hate speaking the whole Truth as well: they have always loved State power, always loved an ever-expanding level of taxation and centralized, bureaucratic control, and always hated property – which, by definition, means the right to kick out whosoever you wish from your own home and business, just because you wish to.

When you see the enemies of Christ go down one road, be sure to go down a different one.


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