The Logical, Transparent Society

The world has become dark and cloudy. We’re the only ones to have kept clear minds. And a precise purpose. Governments are evasive. Only a police state is stable. We’re not making politics. We run the world. We work for peace. We’re beyond frontiers and ideologies. No one can stop this progress. Someday there will be no more secrets. Our Special Service will become a Public Service. Popular. People will come freely and willingly to be interrogated. Everyone will participate. No bad thought will be concealed. Our society will be transparent and logical.

– From the movie “La Faille” (1975)

The future society of Our Betters isn’t going to happen. The masters need a priesthood, just as Pharaoh needed his kept mystics, and the Communists needed a nomenklatura to keep all public thoughts in line. But the aura of mystical vision around the scientist has dissipated: it is becoming just a tool, the ‘engineers studying the works of the Maker’ at best, or more likely yet another self-serving lobby group.

Couple that with the ongoing collapse of the gatekeepers – in media and in education – and the future looks bad for They Who Rule.

But if you like your power centres kept small, mutually competing, widely scattered, and always open to challenge, then the future looks very bright indeed!



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