What You Need to Do to Win

From the Tea Party Economist:

True Grit: Man Walks 21 Miles to work and 23 Back

To keep his $10.55 an hour job, this 56-year-old man walks almost 45 miles a day, five days a week. He has done this for over a decade.

He is serious about working. He says this: “Nobody can say I haven’t paid my dues.”

If someone wants to pay these dues, he can find work.

This is not only the kind of determination poor Blacks need to pull to keep a job: it’s also what’s needed to get back our liberty and our culture. It wasn’t lost in the 60s: the decline merely speed up then.

Fortunately, history and technology (and the Author of both) is leaning against centralized Total States run by Our Betters, and towards fragmented, free-wheeling, independently-minded cultures.

But even with the battlefield tilted in our favour, it’s going to be a fight! Nothing worthwhile is free, not salvation (paid for by Christ) and not our liberties, either.


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