From the Tolerance Archives

The article “The Girl in the Tuxedo: Two Variations on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” helps to illustrate the exceptionally one-sided nature of today’s homosexualist culture.

To put it very simply: anyone who is uncertain or confused about their sexuality is not directed to accept only their biological sex, as Scripture (and sanity) directs.

Nor are they given the space to decide what they want, male or female. You’d think that this is what the Tolerance Brigade is, but nope. As always, all that chat about ‘choice’ and ‘freedom’ and ‘ liberty’ was a fraud from day one.

Instead, anyone confused or questioning their sexual identity is only directed to accept only their same-sex attraction. Counseling otherwise is discouraged or forbidden. The playing field is tilted strongly in only one direction, where all the elders and the money and the media and the professionals all point. All the sex-change operations you want, but not a penny for any medical treatment to limit same-sex attraction.

It’s not about choice. It’s about power, power for those who despise Christ, and who couldn’t care less about the money wasted or the lives destroyed in order to exhibit their power.

Someday, probably a decade or two after the failure of the Welfare State and the collapse of the mainstream media, there is going to be A LOT of extremely angry people coming out of their closets, as well as furious children of homosexual ‘marriages’. They have been sold a pack of lies, and they are going to be powered by rage and grief over what was was lost… what was stolen from them… by our Compassionate Friends.

God has seen the cowardice and cravenness of the Western Christian church in this matter. I would not be surprised in the slightest if more than some of that rage is directed at the Church, which was supposed to defend them – and if the victims pray to God for vengeance for what was done to them, God will hear.

It will not be a good time to be a pastor then.


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