Purging Pulpits First

Bojidar Marinov, again, from the article

Preachers, Obama, and the Crusades: The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

[After listing numerous examples of ‘popular, conservative Christians’ saying far more vicious falsehoods about the Crusades than Obama did]

Yes, the criticism against Obama is correct. The problem is, it is dishonest and hypocritical. It is not principled criticism, it is criticism to gain popularity by picking the politically correct target. The judgment needs to start with the Church. If Franklin Graham was honest, he would have started with his father, not with Obama. If all these critics of Obama were honest, they would have started with the Christian celebrities who have been busy twisting and misrepresenting the history of Christendom for decades now. Obama did not say anything that hasn’t been taught from our own seminaries, many of which parade as “Reformed.” If we are mad at his slander against Christianity and the Church, we should be even more so at out own celebrities. The judgment must start with the House of God.

Except that, it’s not politically correct with the conservative crowd to admit such a thing. It is way more convenient to criticize Obama. It earns political points.

But there’s a beam to be taken out, and it is not in Obama’s eyes. As I have always said, we don’t have a problem with liberals and socialists. We have a problem with our own churchian celebrities. It’s time to purge the pulpits.

God waits for us to grow up.

If we are going to win, we must stand with the truth, no matter what.

Any falling away from the truth – even in the supposedly Sacred Name of Political Power, takes us away from God and towards Satan, the Father of Lies.

God will not bless us with victory, if we tolerate liars and posers in the pulpits.

Au contraire, He will instead allow Our Compassionate Friends to further grind us under their heels, on and on and on…

…as God waits for His children to finally repent, and turn to Him for victory and salvation, instead of the (long palsied, crippled, and withered) power of our own rotting hands.


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