Two Steps in the Right Direction

First, more black parents are going the homeschool route.

This is nothing but good:

  • The children are protected from the same schools that has proven itself to be very comfortable with encouraging black failure for decades now;
  • The parents get involved with the education of their children, sometimes passionately (and have every intention of matching Asian parents in this fight for their children’s future);
  • The children are out of the drug emporiums most black schools are, and have a decent chance of evading the slack morality and indiscipline as well;
  • The children escape the lesson taught by their peers “reading, writing & academic excellence is for white people”.

Second, Ron Paul stands up for secession here:

As every Christian on the planet should know by now, ‘if you aren’t ruling yourself, you are being dominated by your enemies.’

I am making the reasonable assumption that the more serious Christians – those who intend to teach the nations to obey the commandments of Christ (as taught in the Great Commission), and have no interest in letting pagan injustice rule forever – are well and truly done with the Love of Our Masters, but wisely have no interest in following the Communist & Islamic roads to revolutionary violence. “The point is to get your freedom, not exchange one set of masters for another!”

As Gary North wrote:

In a speech at the Mises Institute, Ron Paul discussed operational secession. State governments are not enforcing federal rules and regulations.

This is a quiet movement. There are no fireworks. But it is happening.

The speech was picked up by Buzzfeed. Then Matt Drudge ran it as his lead story: left-hand side.

When the federal government’s checks start bouncing in the Great Default, secession will escalate. On paper, little will change. In fact, the present top-down structure — financed by taxes, debt, and the Federal Reserve — will break down.

Post Great Default, functional secession – the simple, quiet refusal to kneel to Our Masters – is going to be widespread. Bankrupt governments can’t afford to bribe people into compliance, and warfare/violent suppression is expensive.

Christians can then go ahead and get their liberty back, if they want it.
If they’re smart, they’ll start preparing for that time from this very day.

While freedom is glorious, it doesn’t come with a safety net; and when you are the judge, you have to accept responsibility for both your good decisions, and your bad ones.

Get ready.


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