In Adam’s Fall, We Sinned All

First, from Gary North


The author lists three reasons why liberals hate homeschooling. First, Progressives do not trust individuals. They also do not trust voluntarism. I would have invoked the model: Nanny Bloomberg. He got the New York City health department to extend such a law. Consider this book title: It Takes a Village.

[Quote] Nine-tenths of American children attend government schools, and most of the remaining tenth attend government-approved private schools. The political class wants as many of that remaining tenth in government schools as possible; teachers’ unions have money on the line, and ideologues do not want any young skull beyond their curricular reach. A political class that does not trust people with a Big Gulp is not going to trust them with the minds of children.

He notes that it is now considered impossible politically or legally to outlaw home schooling. So, the bureaucrats want to regulate it.

The second reason for the hostility is that conservatives and Christians are so numerous. The church is outside government control, and this bothers Progressives. Nothing except sexual activity is supposed to be outside government control. “Progressives are by their nature monopolists, and the churches constitute real competing centers of power in society.”

The third reason is that home school teachers are mothers. This means they are in two-parent families. The husband supports the family. We know what Progressives think of that stereotype! The author is correct: “As its critics best appreciate, homeschooling is about more than schooling.”

It is, indeed. It is a call to return to traditional values of the American past. It is a call to return to old-time education — two centuries before the little red schoolhouse and the McGuffey Readers.

In the background of Christian homeschooling, there is the echo of that most hated phrase in the history of Progressive education: “In Adam’s fall, we sinned all.” Those were the opening lines of the New England Primer of 1686. They still hold up.

And second, a Holy Alphabet (From the New England Primer):

To get you into the mindset of a holy alphabet, and what they are, I share with you a holy alphabet published in 1777, as a New England Primer, during the time of the establishing of the United States.

(Parenthesis are all my additions)
A: In ADAM’S fall we sinned all.
B: Heaven to find, the BIBLE mind.
C: CHRIST crucify’d for sinners dy’d.
D: The DELUGE drown’d the earth around. (The flood–Noah)
E: ELIJAH hid by Ravens fed. (1 Kings 17:4-7)
F: The judgment made FELIX afraid. (Acts 24: 24, 25)
G: As runs the GLASS, our life doth pass. (Hourglass)
H: My book (Bible) and HEART must never part.
J: JOB feels the rod, yet blesses God. (Job, chapters 1, 2, 40, and 42)
K: Proud KORAH’S troop was swallowed up. (Numbers 16: 28-35)
L: LOT fled to Zoar, saw fiery shower, On Sodom pour. (Genesis 19)
M: MOSES was he who Israel’s host led thro’ the sea. (Exodus 14)
N: NOAH did view the old world and new.
O: Young OBADIAS, David, Josias: all were pious.
P: PETER deny’d his Lord and cry’d. (Matthew 26: 69-75)
Q: QUEEN Esther sues, and saves the Jews.
R: Young pious RUTH left all for truth. (Ruth 1:16, 17)
S: Young SAMUEL dear the Lord did fear.
T: Young TIMOTHY learnt sin to fly.
V: VASHTI for pride, was set aside. (Esther 1: 9-22)
W: WHALES in the sea, God’s voice obey.
X: XERXES did die, and so must I.
Y: While YOUTH do cheer, death my be near.
Z: ZACHEUS, he did climb the tree our Lord to see. (Luke 19: 1-10)

Soli Deo Gloria


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