1) On Tribe 2) On Violence 3) On Getting Out of Deathtraps

On Tribe

Intellectual sophistication is, more generally, associated with transcending the local, the everyday, the parochial, and even the national. Replacing the nation with other allegiances seems an attractive, even morally superior, alternative – chiming with globalisation’s market freedoms.


The global citizen worldview also tends to be suspicious of communities. Or rather the idea of community is praised in the abstract but rejected in the particular in favour of a “cruise liner” theory of society in which people come together for a voyage but have no ongoing relationship. This individualistic view of society makes it hard for modern liberals to understand why people object to their communities being changed too rapidly by mass immigration – and what is not understood is easily painted as irrational or racist.

It also explains why this brand of liberalism is unmoved by worries about integration. If society is just a random collection of individuals, what is there to integrate into? […] When that happens it weakens the bonds of solidarity and in the long run erodes the “emotional citizenship” required to sustain welfare states.

Many of my best friends, as they say – in business, academia and the arts – sign up to this global citizen worldview, a sort of mirror image of the strident chauvinism you often hear in rightwing politics and media. But I believe many of these “progressive” beliefs are not only wrong, but are unintentionally damaging to the goals of the social democratic left that many of them pursue.

I find it grimly amusing, that the Guardian is now worried about too much immigration. It would have been much wiser if left-wing Britons had thought about it around, say, 1970.

Most likely, the Compassionate Ones noticed some disquieting trends regarding the re-election prospects of the Right Sort, and are now tweeking Official Dogma to better hold on to power.

As if it matters in the slightest, at this late date.

On Violence

Like many others today, Pinker’s response when confronted with such evidence [regarding the murderous side of the Enlightenment – AP] is to define the dark side of the Enlightenment out of existence. How could a philosophy of reason and toleration be implicated in mass murder? The cause can only be the sinister influence of counter-Enlightenment ideas. Discussing the “Hemoclysm” – the tide of 20th-century mass murder in which he includes the Holocaust – Pinker writes: “There was a common denominator of counter-Enlightenment utopianism behind the ideologies of nazism and communism.” You would never know, from reading Pinker, that Nazi “scientific racism” was based in theories whose intellectual pedigree goes back to Enlightenment thinkers such as the prominent Victorian psychologist and eugenicist Francis Galton. Such links between Enlightenment thinking and 20th-century barbarism are, for Pinker, merely aberrations, distortions of a pristine teaching that is innocent of any crime: the atrocities that have been carried out in its name come from misinterpreting the true gospel, or its corruption by alien influences. The childish simplicity of this way of thinking is reminiscent of Christians who ask how a religion of love could possibly be involved in the Inquisition. In each case it is pointless to argue the point, since what is at stake is an article of faith.


There is something repellently absurd in the notion that war is a vice of “backward” peoples. Destroying some of the most refined civilisations that have ever existed, the wars that ravaged south-east Asia in the second world war and the decades that followed were the work of colonial powers. One of the causes of the genocide in Rwanda was the segregation of the population by German and Belgian imperialism. Unending war in the Congo has been fuelled by western demand for the country’s natural resources. If violence has dwindled in advanced societies, one reason may be that they have exported it.

Then again, the idea that violence is declining in the most highly developed countries is questionable. Judged by accepted standards, the United States is the most advanced society in the world. According to many estimates the US also has the highest rate of incarceration, some way ahead of China and Russia, for example. Around a quarter of all the world’s prisoners are held in American jails, many for exceptionally long periods. Black people are disproportionately represented, many prisoners are mentally ill and growing numbers are aged and infirm. Imprisonment in America involves continuous risk of assault by other prisoners. There is the threat of long periods spent in solitary confinement, sometimes (as in “supermax” facilities, where something like Bentham’s Panopticon has been constructed) for indefinite periods – a type of treatment that has been reasonably classified as torture. Cruel and unusual punishments involving flogging and mutilation may have been abolished in many countries, but, along with unprecedented levels of mass incarceration, the practice of torture seems to be integral to the functioning of the world’s most advanced state.

No mention of abortion, of course. Certain forms of violence matter, and others don’t.

It reminds me of the 19th century, of the era of the Maxim gun and the destruction of various coloured types. All good fun for Europeans… until what was sauce for the goose became sauce for the gander, in World War I.

So much for European Civilization.

Much in the same way, Europe’s current escape from officially recognized violence will be revealed as the illusion it always was, after the Welfare State is busted.

No State? No Faith? Welcome back to the tribal era, circa 2040… now with biological labs, and warbots, and 3D printing, and internet cybernetic warfare…

In the meantime, the dead children will as surely gut Europe’s future as the dead kulaks and dissenters – another group of ‘they don’t count’ corpses – did Russia’s. The thing with the invisible dead is that you never know what you lost, what you could have gained, if you had walked with God instead.

(A rather ghoulish variation of the broken window fallacy, a.k.a. the hidden cost, or the opportunity cost, of a given action. The unlawful destruction of human lives is the most costly act you can do against the Law and the Future, as well as a viscous form of sacrilege against God’s Image – which is why Satan and his various followers loves doing it so.)

Instead, all you get is a blighted, aging, and sterile culture… and an ever-expanding young, unemployed, and culturally hostile population within your borders.

I wonder why cultures which are innately hostile to God never believe that there’s a price to be paid. Probably, because these people plan to be personally dead by the time the chain of consequences starts knocking on their door… and they couldn’t care less what happens to their nation or their people after they have personally died.

In contrast to these “die with the most toys” types, God expects Christians to think long-term: laying down an inheritance for their children, and even their grandchildren God willing. Redeeming the world is not something that can be done in one generation, after all!

God’s enemies are comfortable, in disinheriting their children or simply killing them as a mere cost factor. God’s people must think differently, and act differently.

In A World Without Poverty, Gary North predicts that in a generation or two, there will simply be no genuine, absolute poverty in the world. Even Black Africans then will have the same lifestyle as Black Americans today… –

…except without the broken families; without the endemic violence; without the worthless public schools; without the pro-gangster, anti-education culture; without the multi-generational drugged-up hopelessness; and without the family-smashing welfare state the Compassionate Liberal Whites used to chain Black Americans to their ghetto reservations (in the style of the American Indians.)

You can say one thing about hard-core uncompromisingly racist White conservatives: they are honest with their hatred and their malice. And, in the post-Civil Rights era, they are by far the less dangerous threat.

It will be a good day, when Black America looks beyond the honeyed words and kindly smiles, and focuses only and solely on the results.

No, there is no need for them to turn from one political saviour to another, as if the Republicans were any different. It’s much wiser to get to work, to get up on their own two feet, and to get control of their own destiny.

It starts with repentance before God, continues with putting your family and your neighbourhood before yourself, flourished with steady, productive work (no matter how low – just get on the ladder and start climbing, before the robots and/or minimal wage laws take it away), and gains a future with homeschooling. I myself push Ron Paul, but I don’t have the slightest problem with the Khan Academy, or – better yet – a rigorous homeschool curriculum made by Blacks, for Blacks.

Just get out of deathtrap Our Compassionate Friends have left you in, Black America!

Before it becomes your grave.


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