Power Elites, Secret Societies, and Christian Failure

Charles Burris’ excellent blog post “Power Elite Analysis” mentioned several interesting aspects of our supposed Lords and Masters: including their fondness for conspiracies & secret society that I would strongly encourage Christians to avoid.

This kind of elitist hidden-hand nonsense always has a high price tag. I don’t really care what drives said secret society:

  • race & tribe (of more flavours than you can shake a stick at);
  • religiously driven (the anti-Christian Bloomsbury group; the Jesuits (pre-1960s, before they went Tolerant));
  • a mix of religious-racial power seekers (the KKK);
  • or good old-fashioned power-political sociopaths (Communist, Skull’n’Bones).

Secret-Society Inner-Ring We-Are-The-Masters Hidden-Hand types are simply, profoundly repulsive. God doesn’t work that way, and God’s people are not to work that way either. The Gospel is to be publicly declared, Baptism is a public rite, legal trials are to be publicly held, the laws of God publicly proclaimed, the nations are to be publicly discipled, and Christ’s reign is to be publicly declared!

(PS: Ever noticed that we hear of Yale’s Skull and Bones (where, in the 2004, by purest coincidence, both presidential candidates were members) but we never hear of Harvard’s Porcellian Club? Some people are far too elite to bother running for an empty-suit position like President of the United States…)

Now, tons of people go all Satanist when talking about secret societies, and insist that these conspiracies will always win. (As if Satan is sure to triumph, instead of Christ).

As North wrote:

My father-in-law, R. J. Rushdoony, warned me over 40 years ago about conspiracy theorists — not actual conspiracy theories, some of which he accepted, but theorists. “They see the affairs of mankind as one long story of one successful conspiracy. They attribute to the conspiracy what the Bible attributes to God: omniscience and omnipotence.”

Such counsels of despair are unworthy of Christians, and not only for the obvious reason (points to the Resurrection): as Rushdoony wisely advised, hidden conspiracies only succeed if the general flow of society was favorable in the first place.

  • This was true of the Illuminati & Freemasonry of France – who joyfully encouraged the Revolution, and had an eye on some serious depopulation plans (like all the rest of the Compassionate Ones).
  • Certainly, the various Communist revolutions would have failed without the support of a major chunk of the local intellectuals (and if you go back to the records, you will find more failures than successes).
  • If Americans were serious about family, the ongoing sexual revolution would have sputtered and died in the 1960s (but you can trace the rot back to the 1870s, when American men stopped worrying much about adultery)…
  • Even the endless idiotic costly wars would have ended, if there weren’t so many Americans dependent on the military-industrial complex. As it is, American Christians are far more eager for war in 2003 than in stopping gay marriage – there is room for only one to priority at a time, and we know which one was chosen. (I fully expect them to get comfortable with the transgendered military as well, as Evangelicals love power, authority, and the favour of our Masters far more than standing for what’s right – and paying the price for it.)

With this kind of bloodthirsty Christian believers running around, the ‘gay agenda’ folks don’t need to hide their agenda very much – just use a lot of God-Talk, wave the flag, and you’ll get the solid majority of right-wing American Christians on your side soon enough.


Actual Christianity requires sacrifice: we are not higher than our Lord, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed all for His Father. But American Christians simply will not sacrifice.

  • they didn’t go lower-class in the 70s (the price for keeping Mom at home – and maintaining the authority of the father). Dad was far more interested in sending Mom to get more money, than in being the real leader and defender his family needed;
  • they didn’t dump Republicans when those politicians went weak on abortion (the price for a pro-life nation – but then again, Protestants were always disgustingly comfortable with abortion),
  • they weren’t interested in sacrificing to keep their marriages in the 70s and 80s (the price to disempower the divorce culture – and, incidentally, avoid the poverty of single-parent families and the ugliness of the coming universal bastard culture. “Now for Whites, as well as Blacks!”),
  • they insisted on war in Iraq (the price to dismiss same-sex marriage. Also, you might look into Spanish politics in the 2000’s as well, and the price they paid for supporting America’s relentless stream of wars. The end results of Franco’s “Christian Fascist” policies should be enough to persuade every Christian to avoid that degrading road to failure…)
  • and most won’t pay the price needed to homeschool their kids today (the price to build a Christian future, to protect their children, to nurture their own civilization and culture – rather than that of their enemies).

I understand North’s highly disciplined fury against a wealthy man whose far more interested in building wealth than in the education & salvation of his children, as seen in his article Top Priority: Your Children’s Education vs. Your Portfolio. With these kind of Christians who cheerfully sacrifice their children to Molech, there is no real need for a conspiracy or a secret society to destroy Christian America – it is already stone dead, for the most part.

Does this mean victory for Satan? Temporarily, yes, but not permanently. Evil remains innately self-destructive and self-limiting. Today’s power elite will eventually trudge off to the same place where Rome’s aristocrats, the Maoists and the Bolsheviks, the ruling crowns of Europe and the God-Kings of Pharaonic Egypt all ended up.

Enduring prosperity, real victory, a noble and excellent culture worth talking about… all that remains in the hands of God – and can be found nowhere else.

But it is dreary to see Christians willing go on their knees before their enemies, selling their birthright to the future for some porridge here and now, over and over and over again.


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