The Democratic Catholic Apocalypse

The Short Term

I tend to dismissively wave aside the sudden last-minute attempt of White Catholics to get some space between themselves and the Democratic party – regardless of Democratic political prospects.

For one thing, most White Catholics – like the vast majority of Blacks, and more than a few White Protestants – have always supported “theft by majority vote”, and their support did not waver as abortion gained the 100% endorsement of the Democratic party. Suddenly getting cold feet because sexual perversity will now be as legally endorsed and enforced as child killing is more than “a day late and a dollar short.”

“We LOVE sin #1… and are A-OK with sin #2… but there’s NO WAY we’ll tolerate sin #3!” simply doesn’t fly with God. To despise His will at one point is to despise Him in all.

Secondly, the percentage of White-anything in the electorate is gradually falling away. Regardless of your desire for freedom, to live your own life, or to own and control your own property, the majority rules.

(Except when the majority votes the wrong way – then, the Judges dictate terms. The masses will then follow along, just as always. — See: homosexual pseudomarriage.)

An Educational Aside

A lesson in exponential growth, from the University of Washington:

2) The Pond and the Lily Pad Problem
Suppose you have a 1.5 acre fish pond on your farm.
You want to improve the looks of your pond and the habitat for your trout, so you plant a 1 square foot patch of pond lily. A year later you notice that the area of the pond lily has doubled. At this rate, how long before the pond is covered with lily pads, and how much of the pond is covered the year before total coverage is achieved?
It takes 15 years to cover half the pond with lily pads, but one year later at the end of the 16th year all the pond is covered.
For the first 8 years, a negligibly small fraction of the pond is covered. It takes over 12 years to cover 10% of the pond.
• Compound interest pays big dividends. The first dollar you save is the biggest.
• Even though the growth is a steady rate, like 10% or 100% per year as in these examples, the magnitude of the year-to-year change increases with time.
• If you are approaching an upper limit exponentially, that limit is approached very quickly after a relatively long wait. For a long time it seems like nothing is happening, then suddenly change is rapid and it’s over.
 And the Establishment laughs, and laughs, and laughs….
“Oh, so you Catholics have just discovered that we despise everything you believe, and everything you are? Hilarious!“”

“Oh, but don’t take it too hard – we’ll still send you government cheques, until the money runs out. Then the only thing that will remain is the pointedly anti-Christian legal environment, backed by an explicitly contemptuous attitude across all American educational, university, media, military, and governmental organizations.”

“Just a little Tolerance, decade after decade, will get the job done, I always say!””

(Yes, Jesus warned us about this kind of thing with His words on leaven & dough in Matthew 16. But since when have Christians taken His words seriously? Much better to listen to the political saviour on TV!”)

And the long term?

 Well, the tax-payers will become incapable of paying off all of the tax-eaters, and after the Great Default, various forms of secession – informal and formal – is likely to spread worldwide. The decline of allegiances to political parties will only accelerate this fact: and it will be easier for all sorts of small and odd groups – Christian and otherwise – to simply ignore Central Authority and go their own way.
Perhaps this will include whatever relic White Catholic population still exists in the 2050s era. No problem in my book: I have no stake in the massive, ever more controlling, and ever more intensely anti-Christian American Empire. The more communities get their freedom back, the better – regardless of their race or their wealth.

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