Achievement in Black Homeschooling

The achievements aren’t just in transmitting the parents views on God, Man, Law, and Work – as opposed to the uncompromisingly anti-familial and anti-Christian views of the public schools.

It isn’t even in just keeping your kids out of the drug supply circles at school.

While even one of the reasons above are sufficient to get your kids out of the public school system, there is also the matter of superior academic achievement.

The Black homeschool children’s high achievement test scores were very remarkable. Parents without teaching certificates helping their children from a traditionally low-achieving minority group excel this way should cause all educators and social advocacy groups to take special note.

These Black homeschool students’ achievement test scores were quite high, all things considered. They scored at or above the 50th percentile in reading (68th), language (56th), math (50th), and core (i.e., a combination of reading, language, and math; 58th) subtests. By definition, the 50th percentile is the mean for all students (or all ethnicities/races) nationwide in institutional public schools.

Comparing Black homeschool students to Black public school students yields notable findings. While controlling for gender of student and family socioeconomic status, being homeschooled had an effect size of about 42 percentile points higher (an effect size or change in z-score of 1.13) than if public schooled. For language scores, being homeschooled had an effect size of about 26 percentile points higher than if public schooled (i.e., a change in z-score of .65). and for math, being homeschooled had an effect size of about 23 percentile points higher than if public schooled (z-score of .60).

At it’s weakest point homeschooled Black children are as good at math as the average student in America: if you bring in reading and language, the numbers are above the average American pupil.

So, for Black children to be merely competitive in academia, the need to get homeschooled.

Can Blacks do better than this? Yes! As experience in homescholing grows and the amount of materials – in number and in quality – rises, I am expecting a solid rise in the numbers: test scores, and number of students.

(And when looking for a cheap way to get that college degree, Gary North has a number of good ideas that will make it easy on your wallet.)

If you want the stars, you’re going to have to work for it. Seeing Black people getting serious about the future brings joy to my heart.

PS: I consider it inevitable that God will bless their work, and that the vast majority of homeschooled Black children will get the victories they long for. But – and this is critical – when they get the nice jobs and the good salaries and the top-tier neighbourhoods, they had better not forget the Lord who opened the door for them!

For what He gave to a faithful generation, can easily be taken away from an unfaithful one. So, humility before Him is in order.


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