Pre-Vetted for Public Consumption

Now, if you’re an Establishment Man, you couldn’t care less what an invisible God thinks, or “some unchanging ancient law-code from the Iron Age says.” After all, law and morality is defined by who has power today, not an unchanging ethical standard. Any humanist could tell you that!

Therefore, it’s far more important to learn what powerful men, or the current in-group, or what popular sentiment believes, than what an inflexibly holy and just God demands. Continued employment is far more important to any materialist than heaven and hell could ever be.

So, now you know where where the current article Same-Sex Marriage and Missing Churches comes from. If you look at the “prepared for public consumption” chart, you’d think that 40% of churches support same-sex marriage, and 60% didn’t. Naturally, you have to get on the side of the coming majority, not the has-beens of some aging moral code!

But the first hint that things aren’t as they seem is the source of the data: the Human Rights Campaign, which has a profound interest in homosexuality, and essentially no interest in any other issue.

HRC is motivated to show momentum among religious groups for an embrace of same-sex marriage. By elevating tiny groups like the Alliance of Baptists that favor same-sex marriage while excluding significantly larger churches that oppose it, RNS conveys the HRC data in such a way that it appears 40 percent of these religious groups affirm the practice, when in reality a tiny minority do.

In the same chart, the large Assemblies of God goes unmentioned (apparently lumped into the more generic “Pentecostal” category). All but one historically African American denomination is omitted. What about the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod? The Evangelical Presbyterian Church? The Anglican Church in North America? All are significantly larger than the Alliance of Baptists yet go unmentioned, as do Evangelical churches such as the Church of the Nazarene, Salvation Army and Wesleyan Church.

In summary: “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Faithful Christians would do well to remember that old adage, instead of just blindly trusting Respectable Authority.


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