A Little Bird Told Me…

… that there are certain Black leaders, who are aggravated by certain someones who insist on using conservative pundits and resources in their writings.


As if those writings would be far more believable if they were kept racially & ideologically pure?

When China and India and Japan and Korea discovered that they were far behind the West, did they say “Oh, let’s never use those dirty, filthy, alien, foreign, White sciences & technologies like electricity, engines, the telegraph, physics, medicine, etc?”

Or did they say, “Ok, we need what they have – so let’s master the technology, get close to the science, and start making our own road to the future?”

You know the answer to that one!

And culture is just another form of technology. Some cultures work, and others don’t.

Just like some ideologies are true – or at least have better observable results – than others.

And some religions are historically true, and others aren’t.

So, if some Black envy-driven collectivists – happy to remain dependent on Mighty Whitey until the end of time – endlessly preach the need to take what others have, and various conservative White men (and even – gasp! – Jews) point out the way to make your own money, stand up on your own feet, and get some real dignity and pride back in the hands of your people, do you know what I’m going to choose?

I’m choosing to imitate those independent, self-governing, growth-oriented White men (and those successful Jews, too!) Every single time.

I couldn’t care less about their skin colour or their secret racist hearts: I only care if what they say and what they teach actually works, and can get me and mine what we want.

Can you imagine refusing to learn the discoveries of racist White scientists, because of their ideological impurity? Especially all those discoveries in the pre-1950 era? No Chinaman, no Japanese, no Indian gives a hoot about the moral purity of people who generate useful ideals – and I couldn’t care less, either.

If it works, if it’s functional, if it gets me what I want… than I will master it, to the greatest extent possible.

Next thing, Our Racially Pure Leaders will insist that we should never sell a car, never make a deal, never do business with racists. “You’re shaking hands with the KKK!”

Leave those race hustlers in the impoverished ghettos they have created, where they can spit into the food of White customers for as long as they please.

(Until the White people wise up, and take their business – and their money – elsewhere.)

And yes, the ghettos are what our Racially Pure Leadership have created, with their love of dependence and easy government money and comfortable government positions. After all, we all know that the very worse school systems for Black children are in towns and cities dominated 90%+ by Black politicians…

It is no sin to be poor.

  • You can be poor, and still have close-knit families.
  • You can be poor, and still do whatever you need to do to get on your feet, and care for your people.
  • You can be poor, and still value education.
  • You can be poor, and refuse to be degraded.
  • You can be poor, and still protect your neighbourhood and your families.

But if you have no fathers, if you have no family, if you have no God-driven vision to get up from where you are, to improve and fight for the future, you won’t just be poor: you’ll be accursed.

And all the yapping about oppression and racism won’t change that.

(Points, again, to the number of Black men killed by other Black men in the last three months, compared to all the Black men killed by White racists – and you can throw in White policemen, too – over the last thirty years.

For several decades, blacks have held significant political power, in the form of being mayors and dominant forces on city councils in major cities […, and ] there’s the precedent-setting fact of there being 44 black members of Congress and a black president.

What has this political power meant for the significant socio-economic problems faced by a large segment of the black community? Clearly, it has done little or nothing for academic achievement […] The political and education establishment tells us that the solution lies in higher budgets, but the fact of business is that some of the worst public school districts have the highest spending per student. Washington, D.C., for example, spends more than $29,000 per student and scores at nearly the bottom in academic achievement.

Each year, roughly 7,000 — and as high as 9,000 — blacks are murdered.

Ninety-four percent of the time, the murderer is another black person. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, between 1976 and 2011, there were 279,384 black murder victims. Contrast this with the fact that black fatalities during the Korean War (3,075), Vietnam War (7,243) and wars since 1980 (about 8,200) total about 18,500. […]

Most of the problems faced by the black community have their roots in a black culture that differs significantly from the black culture of yesteryear.

Walter E. Williams, Black People Duped, March 4, 2014

To Our Compassionate Friends, the handful of Black men killed by the police every year easily outweighs the thousands of Black men killed by other Black men.

That’s because some Black lives matter more than others.

Me? I’m a pragmatist on the issue. I just want as many Black men to live to see tomorrow as possible.

(Also, they should be gainfully employed, out of jail, and be seriously committed to their wife and children. You know: just like the Jews, the Chinese, the Koreans, the East Indians, and all the other winners out there.)

Only repentance – and following repentance, genuine obedience to God, and getting serious about climbing the ladder, no matter the cost – can change things.

At one time, Black men were serious about God and family. That’s where we need to be again.

Anything else is just digging our own graves.

In an extremely literal fashion.


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