Getting Off the Ground, and Among the Stars

This blog is titled, “Across the Stars”. It’s supposed to outline how we can reach and colonize the stars, spreading life there as I feel God desires us to do. Call it “The Expanded Dominion Mandate”, it’s what I believe Adam would have received if he chose to listen to God, instead of some snake.

But we aren’t going to get there if a large percentage of the population isn’t going to put the muscle into reaching for a distant goal, that only your great-great-great-grandchildren will see.

Most specifically, I want to see more than a handful of connected token Black families up there, in that far far future. I want millions – and that’s isn’t going to happen by begging White people for a big fat handout. For one thing, there will be far fewer Whites globally in 2300 than there are today… and those survivors will have zero interest in the White Guilt racket.

And do you seriously think that China or India will have even the slightest concern Black America?

Perhaps Black Africa will get their own place in the stars, if the follow the example of Botswana, say, and ignore the rampant tribalism & corruption of most of Africa. But even now, sane and well-run Black nations are a small minority, while kleptocracy remains the rule. (And even those well-run African states tend to be monocultural/monotribal regions…)

Rather than wait for the governments to get their act together, it’s better to just let nature take it’s course as the entire continent gets hooked up to the ‘Net over the next few decades. Some tribes and clans will adjust faster to the opportunities of the Internet than others, and it will be those groups that will bring up the continent… but that’s the work of generations.

And they will have no time to help Black America: they have far too much work to do at home.

The welfare state does nothing but keep Blacks dependent on Master… right up to the inevitable time when the easy money is cut off forever. The people who are really going to help inner-city Blacks are slightly less poor – but definitely more disciplined – poor Blacks who decided to help their community, instead of getting out as fast as they can.

In Flash! Harvard Professor Discovers that the Welfare State Doesn’t Work, North recommends that churches from wealthy zip codes help churches from poor zip codes get their parishioners on their feet. It’s the locals who know which Blacks want to stand up on their own feet, and which ones are just hustlers of one sort or other. North believes that it can start with local Black churches turning semi-literate children into literate children.

This is far better than waiting for the secularist public schools to do the job. They have not done so in decades, and they are not about to start now.

More is needed, of course. If Blacks want to attain the educational achievements of Whites (never mind Jews or Asians, which should be the real prize), they simply must homeschool. There is simply no alternative to this. Moreover, Blacks have to get involved in their children’s education – knowledge must be as highly valued among Blacks as it is among Asians and Jews.

Black student failure just can’t be tolerated anymore. Not if you want to be a somebody. Not if you want to reach the stars.


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