One Law

How are Blacks sinned against?

  • Inferior education – something that can only be remedied by homeschooling.
  • Biased – and increasingly lawless – police.
  • The Welfare State, which subsidized the destruction of Black family & fatherhood.
  • Minimum wage laws, which will increasingly make illiterate Black labourers powerless to earn a living as the robots move in over the coming decades.
  • A drug war that really should be retitled “War on Black Men”.

How are Blacks sinning?

  • A pointedly anti-family attitude.
  • Endless murder, violence, and lawlessness among themselves.
  • Contempt for education.
  • Far greater levels of racist violence against Whites (via murder, rape, theft).
  • An attitude of dependence, instead of entrepreneurial initiative.

I would advise Black Americans to ditch the gang violence among themselves, ditch the racial violence that solves nothing, and get serious about education. It’s obvious that after 50+ years, the school will never get better, while homeschooling can raise Black achievement to equal (and surpass) the achievements of White public school pupils.

Educated people are not dependent on a Compassionate Welfare State that despises them, and desires to keep them in ignorance and dependence forever.

Educated, employed people pay the salaries of the police – and control of the purse strings means control of the local police departments.

I  recognize the authority of God, who blesses the righteous and damns the wicked. So for enduring prosperity and multi-generational blessings, His will must be respected – in public, as well as in private

It is certainly possible for unbelievers to prosper on this earth for a while – if they are committed to work and family. Japan & China are proof of that… but their aging and childless future demonstrates that just obeying certain chosen commandments isn’t enough in the long run.

You need to go the distance, to get the full measure of blessings.


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