Fake Peer Review, and Real Christian Integrity

Actually, the delusions of politicized science has been going on for a while now: not just with the global warming fiasco, or even with the suppressed data on second-hand smoking, but all the way back to Darwin. Earning a theology degree (and not a degree in biology or mathematics or physics), his beliefs appealed to other theologically-trained pastors, priests, and intellectuals who quietly despised God and His Law-Word, while being rejected by numerous scientists of his time.

Naturally, with the hatred of the Law, comes the collapse of integrity, and inevitably the foundation of peer-review.

It is good that today’s priesthood is on its way out. But it isn’t enough that evil fails and drowns in it’s own waste: what is good, true, and right must triumph over evil, self-serving lies, in public and in private.

And sadly, most Christians simply lack the integrity, discipline, love of truth, and fear of hell to get committed to both extending God’s Dominion over the sciences, and to completely shun corruption and the love of the favour of powerful men.

(Personally, I think the influence of God-loathing, growth-hating, responsibility & Dominion-shunning pastors & priests remains far too pervasive over the church – just like the 1850s….)

This failure in the Christian Church simply must end.

This failure will not be halted by the seminaries: au contraire, they are the very source of the rot.

No, this failure will have to be driven out by committed laymen, who insist on raising their sons to fear God, to uphold His law, to teach the nations and the wealthy and the governments to kneel to Christ the King.


Granted, the fall of the gatekeepers and the empowerment via the Internet will help enormously. But even the very best tools will fail, if Christian men are too cowardly or craven to stand up to their decadent and delusional Masters.

The Holy Spirit will be needed, to brings God’s will to pass on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

The world must be redeemed, and there is only one source of redemption.

(And no, that source isn’t going to be lying, politically- and financially-driven scientists. Obviously.)

Science-oriented Christians can start their children off here.

But those who want to extend God’s Dominion economically, rather than scientifically, can go with the cash here.

It’s all about the children, people!

(Especially if you are a Black Christian, who wants a lot more than the government schools will ever give you.)


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