The Idolatry of Rationalism


crossThe Idolatry of Rationalism

By Jeremy Swanson

 “It is not sufficient for everyone to obey and listen to the divine message of the City of Righteousness, the Faithful City. In order to propagate that message among the heathen, nay, to understand it as clearly and as fully as is humanly possible, one must also princeton uconsider to what extent man could discern the outlines of that City if left to himself, to the proper exercise of his powers.” – Leo Strauss, The City and Man

These words of prominent twentieth-century political philosopher Leo Strauss are a clear manifestation of his rationalistic spirit, of his rationalistic desiderata. But let’s make this personal: I fear that the impure, unsubmissive, hidden corners of our hearts find a certain needfulness or security in the desiderata of Leo Strauss’ rationalism. May the Holy Spirit be with us as we compare the spirit of…

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