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Civilizations and Time

From Amazonia Supported a Cosmopolitan Civilization:

In a related news article,3 Mann discussed the work of Heckenberger et al that shows evidence of urban planning in the western Amazon basin.  They found “garden cities” with well-planned road networks covering 30,000 square kilometers (an area the size of Belgium) dating from about 1250 AD.  Rather than avoid wetlands, the early city planners built roads and causeways over them, that were “amazingly straight”.  People could walk between the hamlets in just 15 minutes.  There may have been 50,000 people enjoying the network of medium-sized garden cities.

Rioja added a comment that says more about educated archaeologists than their supposed primitive subjects: “The idea is that the tribes in the lowlands were living like animals in the wild,” Rioja says.  “When you tell them that there were great, important civilizations here in the western Amazon, they don’t believe it.  But it’s true.

The following comment, after the article proper, is also worth noting (italics replaced with underline):

The head-hunting cannibals encountered by 19th– and 20th-century Darwinists were not slower-evolvers outdistanced by proud Europeans.  It appears more likely they are degenerate relics of once advanced societies.  The knowledge of the true God had become corrupted over the generations.  Power-hungry kings and shamans learned how to exploit myth and superstition to keep people under control, such as the grotesque human sacrifice and ethnic cleansing extolled among the Inca (07/10/2007).  Even so, a deep inner sense of the Almighty One, above all the invented gods, remained.  Missionaries have encountered this on many occasions (read Eternity in Their Hearts by Don Richardson).  Intelligent, capable humans with a fallen spiritual nature: this is what the Bible predicts, and this is what we find.

The sense of surprise among the archaeologists at this new evidence is instructive (see also last month’s surprise discovery about a Sahara society).  Evolutionists maintain their mythology in spite of the evidence.  Every objective measure shows that mankind has always been Homo sapiens sapiens throughout its short tenure on this planet.  “They don’t believe it, but it’s true.”

I have little doubt that similar long-extinct civilizations will be found in Africa, as the continent grows wealthier and archeological expeditions increase.

But what I really want to point out is that there is no guarantee that Western Civilization will last: if they can fall, so can we.

I doubt that the fall will be as hard or as deep. The world as a whole will get far wealthier before 2050, especially as China, India, and Indonesia develops, so it will be no big thing if Western Civilization ages and disintegrates as its faith in the State is rewarded with the fall of its idol. Moreover, there are enough dissidents in the United States for a new or reformed West to be born, as official academia and media kindly dries up and blows away.

But while there can be a technological floor to as bad things can get, there is no real floor on how bad the general culture will get, before it finally dies.

Bankrupt nations and impoverished elites means that Christians can successfully break out to independence (formal or not) before 2050 or so: but the question here is on the will, determination, endurance, and the successful education of our children – morally & theologically, technologically & entrepreneurially.

If we are willing to pay the price for the liberty of our children – so they need not be tax-slaves to their enemies, as we are – then they can indeed be free. And without the need for violence, either: the State is well on its way to becoming a bankrupt and irrelevant Post Office.

While critics of the postal monopoly had for decades tried to get Congress to revoke the Post Office’s monopoly, all attempts failed. They were associated with the fringe. Yet, year by year, the Post Office fell behind. It is irrelevant in American life today.

This was not planned by any political group. It was the result of new technologies. People made decisions, day by day, to bypass the Post Office.

Temporary pain – and the loathing of Our Masters – for a real and productive future? For a better, wiser, more godly, and more productive (and so wealthier) civilization?

Looks good to me!


A Bit More Science Fraud

An article covered a rather blatant fraud, declaring that chocolate ill help you lose weight.

Yesterday on the science website, German molecular biologist Johannes Bohannon explained how he pulled it off with a statistically weak study that several science journals accepted with minimal or perfunctory review


Bohannon goes on to explain how he pulled it off, how several journals accepted the study for publication with little or no review at all, and why he expected journalists to spot a weak or phony story a mile away, but of course didn’t. Clearly he underestimated the credulity of reporters. He did reach the realization that “The key is to exploit journalists’ incredible laziness.”

You know, if Christians…

  • Got serious about integrity
  • Were willing to put in the decades needed to master the needed math & science

… it wouldn’t take more than two or three generations for Christians to gain dominate intellectual thought. For a certainty, the militant atheists have no interest in anything but

  1. proclaiming their superiority and
  2. keeping their materialist assumptions unchallenged

won’t be able to stop them: Our Mental Superiors are too dependent on State Support & Grants and an Enforced Consensus to stay in power, and both are on the way down “gradually, then suddenly.”

Warning: do not become dependent on the nation-state for your income. The nation-state is suffering from red ink and digital money. The day of reckoning will arrive. There is going to be a Great Default. – Gary North



Sniffing Out Shifting Winds

The failures of a Catholic Education:

Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin told the Irish Times that the referendum amounts to a social revolution and the Catholic Church needs to do a reality check because “most of those people who voted yes [for homosexual marriages] are products of our Catholic schools for 12 years.”

Much the same can be said for the entire Western World – even Harvard was a Christian school, once upon a time. But then again, Western men – like all other men – have had a great distaste for Divine authority for a good long while now.

On the other hand, the end of the God-State is in sight. I have little doubt that the majority will merely erect new idols for old… but I am interested in what Christians will do, once freed from their chains.

Cry out for a new Pharaoh?

Or get serious about obeying God?My bed: a majority of Christians will do the escapist thing, or go in search of a new Political Leader to save them: probably some flavour of National Socialism, seasoned with some conservative blather here and there. But there will be no return to the mighty, patriotic, unified nation-states of old. Dogs return to their vomit… but that isn’t a threat to the world, just a pathetic longing for past glories. No millions of young men to waste (as they were killed off long ago, via abortion), no futurist dreams of unity (as today’s technology works to weaken states and fragment cultures, not unify them). Just so much let’s pretend as the future overwhelms the present.In contrast, a minority will take responsibility for their lives, and focus on building a better future under Christ, not in a retreat to the past. These are the Christians I’m interested in.

Words vs. Reality

From Uncommon Descent:

Further to Barry Arrington’s UD’s Helpful List of Materialist Dodges, I’ve been know to accuse science writers of waving pom poms and loudhailers. Two types of expressions come to mind that generally fit the description of boilerplate.

1. Claims that science is described as uniquely self-correcting. Rubbish. Business is self-correcting too (market discipline). So is religion (reformations and revivals, for example). In fact, all human endeavours that succeed for any length of time must be self-correcting.

2. Claims that science is about evidence, not belief or superstition Well, goodness, we would hope so. The trouble is, the current mess that peer review is in shows that science is about a bunch of other things as well. The idea that basing decisions on evidence is unique to science is also bunk. Businesses do it all the time. For that matter, most Christians, if you asked them why they describe themselves as such, would say that it is the evidence for what Jesus has done for them and others.

The spread of unapproved information continues…

Collective Problem Solving

While interesting as a primer of coming technology, I am especially interested in the use of games to organize multitudes to solve problems, from 39:39 on.

The focus here is on solving difficult medical problems, but – if the logic of Biblical law could be visualized – difficult issues in the resolution of legal issues may also be resolved… by large numbers of people, instead of a few experts.

This could hopefully be useful in reducing the re-appearance of judicial tyranny, after the (eventual) end of the current legal-political environment.

I am unsure how soon the current political order will end, after the destruction of the welfare state: in a skeletal form, it may hold on for many decades to come. but it doesn’t hurt to lay down some foundations now.

Bad Behaviour, Good Behaviour

Bad Behaviour

Godfather Politics reminds us that  there are no gay people:

Homosexuality is not a state of being; it’s what people do sexually. Since when does a sex act get legal protection? Where does the Supreme Court get its ultimate authority to make such a decision for more than 300 million Americans? Tradition? The voice of the people? Legal precedent?

The judges have lost the ability to judge with righteous judgment. Joel McDurmon writes:

“Here would have been a perfect opportunity to remind the Justices that the ‘merely religious reason’ was a precedent of the vast majority of Western Civilization precisely because it had been based upon the Word of God, and that it was only by that God that these Justices had any authority to begin with. By dismissing that Word, the Justices dismissed the very authority of the bench upon which they sit. At that point, they become the outlaws and the founders of social chaos.

This is true, so far as it goes. But the judges are able to promote social chaos, because the general population either want it, or see it as no big deal, too trivial to fight over.

But social chaos has a a set of prices attached to it: increased poverty, decreasing fertility, disintegrating social bonds, and the decline of a predictable legal code. Eventually, this leads to a bankrupted state, a government whose laws are incapable of enforcement, without a tax base, and without a strong base of supporters willing to fight and die for it without pay or financial benefit.

In The New World Order vs. the new world order, Gary North notes that the technological drivers behind today’s society work against a centralized tax-based authority, but also work against the restriction of the free flow of trade & information. The end of the welfare state and the coming wave of busted political promises will remove the legitimacy of the Empire, while also destroying its ability to buy support.

And once an Empire falls, it stays fallen.

Good Behaviour

There is a current movement afoot, to formally exclude believing Christians from law and governance (“Christians in name only” are tolerated for now.) This should be fought, as we must be able to protect our lives, liberty and property: but our hope should not be in regaining control of a damned government and a rotting empire, but in again learning to govern ourselves locally.

This means local courts of believers, following the laws and standards laid down by the God we worship (and not by powerful men who hate us). God laid down the foundation of the Christian civil code in the laws of Moses, with some revisions by the One who has the right to expand, restrict, and strengthen the Law, Jesus Christ.

God does not only bless individuals who behave well: He also blesses families, businesses, towns, counties, even nations that follow and uphold His word. This blessings stretches past fertility, to prosperity, a better understanding of a Law-based world, and a greater ability to extend our dominion, rule, and stewardship of it.

Those who follow Jesus Christ are not expected to run and hide, waiting for a Rapture escape, but to go forth and redeem the world.

(“Redemption” is based on purchasing the world, transferring ownership from Satan and his followers, to Jesus Christ and his followers. To purchase the world requires spiritual and financial capital, so there is a place for the free market here – and thus private property, where the owner (and not political authorities) determines what he may or may not do with it. Again, as Gary North writes:

Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good? (Matthew 20:15).

This is the most powerful affirmation of private ownership in the New Testament. The only affirmation more authoritative was God’s announcement of an ownership boundary around the forbidden tree (Genesis 2:17).)

The rule of the enemies of Christ looks unshakable now: but the Empire of Tolerance will crumble and blow away with the wind soon enough, as dead as the Soviet Union or White Supremacy or Rome herself.

But you can’t replace something with nothing.

This is where Christ Jesus and His Law-Word comes in.

Having the Right Enemies

Answers in Genesis understands the importance of this, in their article Richard Dawkins Says He Despises Young-Earth Creationists.

Dancing to the Music of Our DNA?

According to Dawkins’ own words and his worldview, we are simply at the mercy of our DNA because the universe is entirely material and naturalistic. He once wrote,

The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is at bottom no design, no purpose, no evil and no good. Nothing but blind, pitiless indifference. DNA neither knows nor cares. DNA just is, and we dance to its music.

So why does Dawkins hate and despise creationists when, according to his worldview, we are just dancing to the music of our DNA? If this is so, then there’s nothing we can do about our beliefs, attitudes, and actions.

There are things the power-elite says, and there are things the power-elite do. Keep an eye on both: there’s more going on than meets the eye.

Of course, this is nonsense and Dawkins knows it. We are more than just our DNA, and we can choose what to believe and what not to believe. Sadly, Dawkins has chosen not to believe in Christ and, instead, to put his faith in naturalistic processes and millions of years. The very fact he fights so hard against Bible believing Christians in itself clearly shows it is a spiritual issue—not just one of the “music” of our DNA. In fact, Romans 1 states that those who rebel against their Creator God “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” Romans 1 teaches us that it is so evident from the creation that God is Creator that anyone who doesn’t believe is without excuse. Romans 2 tells us that the law is written on our hearts. So Richard Dawkins knows the truth and has a conscience concerning right and wrong. What he is actually doing is putting his hands over his eyes and ears and is in a sense yelling, “I refuse to see the truth, and I refuse to hear the truth,” because he refuses to bow before his Creator and acknowledge his sin and need of salvation. Richard Dawkins is playing out what Romans 1 states concerning such people as he works hard to suppress the truth in an attempt to justify his rebellion!

A rather piss-poor attempt to justify rebellion, by the way. Our Masters insist that the universe is meaningless on the one hand… but always struggles to control and regulate more and more on the other hand, in the Name of the People or Equality or Whatnot.

Exactly why should I care about the People, or Equality, or Whatnot?

Besides the (finite and shrinking) power of (today’s) men with badges and guns, of course.

Summary: Somewhere in the next generation – post-Default, after the welfare bribes are gone, and there’s a lot fewer men with badges and guns, it will be necessary for Christians to rebuild a decent society, a culture with a future. We need to understand what to do now, to know what to do when the door opens.

Every Evil Empire falls – even the intellectual ones, build and nurtured on tax monies and media/academic control. What happens next is up to you.