How to Fight

First, the blurb for a book, Combat and Genocide on the Eastern Front
The German Infantry’s War, 1941–1944:

By 1944, the overwhelming majority of the German Army had participated in the German war of annihilation in the Soviet Union and historians continue to debate the motivations behind the violence unleashed in the east. Jeff Rutherford offers an important new contribution to this debate through a study of combat and the occupation policies of three frontline infantry divisions. He shows that while Nazi racial ideology provided a legitimizing context in which violence was not only accepted but encouraged, it was the Wehrmacht’s adherence to a doctrine of military necessity which is critical in explaining why German soldiers fought as they did. This meant that the German Army would do whatever was necessary to emerge victorious on the battlefield. Periods of brutality were intermixed with conciliation as the army’s view and treatment of the civilian population evolved based on its appreciation of the larger context of war in the east.

Note that bit, “the doctrine of military necessity…. This meant that the German Army would do whatever was necessary to emerge victorious on the battlefield.”

Also note that the superbly led and trained Wehrmacht was destroyed on the battlefield: and neither their doctrine of superiority, nor their ruthless efficiency on the field, saved them.

It won’t save Our Loving Masters, either.

Winning isn’t the point. Obedience to Christ is.

We must fight against evil, and defeat it, as this is God’s world, and it does not belong to that squatter Satan. But we must fight in the way Jesus Christ has demonstrated, following the example of the obedient saints set before us: in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and on up to today.

Again returning to Marinov

Hitler was also quick to grasp the benefits for his regime of the “two kingdoms” theology and the amillennial eschatology of the German church. European and American liberals of the second half of the 20th century, and the Communists in Latin America were also quick to take advantage of it. Seems like the sodomites in America are about the dumbest group ever of all opponents of Christianity, if it took them so long to take advantage of the false theologies in the church to fight against Christianity.

Not as dumb as the church herself, though. After a century and a half of cultural defeats caused by its false theology, the church still doggedly clings to it. And complains about the defeats, without removing the reason for them.

Talk about dumb. Or insane.

A German Church which was serious about obedience to Christ – and not to powerful men – could definitely stopped the slaughter of their menfolk, the violation of their women, the sundering and impoverishment of their nation, and – most importantly – the defining and permanent disgrace of their nation.

The powerful men of this era also have nothing but contempt for Christ and the Faith: and loves it when we talk of retreat and failure and weakness. After all, as we well know, the powerful men of today frankly enjoy spitting in Christian faces.

Let’s see if the American Church can do better than the German Church did.
Of if they will continue to crawl on their bellies, begging for mercy.


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