Science: Both Sides

Slate has an interesting article on the need for scientists to take responsibility for both the good and the bad. For quite a long time now – call it four centuries – scientists have been very good at both taking credit from the work of past scientists, while avoiding blame from the work of past scientists.

Such self-serving attitudes are coming to an end: as they now understand that they have stepped on the toes of Officially Licensed Victim Groups.

(This does not include you or your ancestors, Christian, nor does it include the unborn.)

So to absolve himself and his fellow scientists, the writer recommends that scientists invent and take part of a new ritual which will remove their sins. Without actually calling them sins, naturally.

If I were one of the wronged Officially Licensed Victim Groups, I would tell the man what he can do with his rituals, and demand the return of my land and ample financial compensation – with interest.

Call me a pure materialist, if you wish.

But my thinking is rooted in a God who demands actual, real restitution to the victim, not some easy peasy mystical filth, pushed by some God-hating materialist as pablum to the ignorant locals.


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