Stop Crawling, Christian!

Now as we all know, the current drive for homosexual ‘marriage’ are primarily a tool of Our Masters to beat Christians with: “to remind them of their proper place in modern society: on their knees, before their betters. In this case, homosexuals.”

But no pagan can force a Christian to willingly kneel: Christians can always choose to stand instead, if they are willing to pay the price.

Marinov goes over how the secular, perverted era of pre-70s Hollywood loathed homosexuals only somewhat less than they loathed Christians. Now, homosexuality is actively celebrated while Christians are being marginalized.

This marginalization could not be possible without Christians explicitly deciding to be insipid losers.

He provides some useful historical perspective here:

Modern sodomite activism is not something new, and in fact, sodomy has been on the decline in the world for a long time now. The culmination of sodomite activism in Christendom was in the 14th century when male sodomy was really rampant in northern Italy and France, the two most populated regions in Christendom at the time. England and Germany weren’t spared either. Governments didn’t do much about it because the perversion had spread mainly among the elite classes – nobility and priesthood. Kings and government officials were involved in it, some monasteries were hotbeds of sodomy, and pre-Renaissance pieces of art reflect the prevalence of sodomy in the society at the time. (There are multiple such examples but I will refrain from posting them for they are too graphic for this blog. The reader can himself google images for “homosexuality in the 14th century” for examples.) Sodomite marriages were performed in the churches of Italy, and many Italian cities had special part of town for male prostitutes. In general, there was very little resistance against this rampancy of perversion until the mid-15th century, and even then, most of the resistance was at grass roots level, with the elite very much in favor of sodomites. And yet, this outbreak of perversion died out of itself, and by the time of Erasmus very few traces of it were left. Sodomites can’t have a next generation.

This sodomite explosion is more likely to be a big bang before a great deflation, as it fades along with the atheistic mentality and dying Western cultures that supports it…

…and even the fact that atheistic cultures back it to the hilt points to the failure of atheism, not it’s perfection. Back when it was fresh and vigorous, leftist, progressive atheists insisted on lots and lots of children…. from the right races, and the right people. It’s only after the total collapse of White Superiority over the Lesser Races (from the late 1940’s to the 1960’s), did contraception, abortion, divorce, and sodomy get legalized in the West – along with mass immigration.

What is more important to me is the question: Why did the sodomites in the US in the last 30 years choose to develop a strategy for political dominance? And specifically political dominance over the Christian cultural majority. While sodomy was rampant in the 14th century, there were no attempts at political dominance to promote sodomite practices. Sodomy was present among the elite classes of the Kingdom of Great Britain in the 19th and early 20th century (with the student culture of Cambridge and Eton leading the way of corrupting the best and brightest of England’s young men), and yet, that elite class never tried to advocate or promote or even change the anti-sodomy laws of England. Why did sodomites choose a political and legislative strategy for America in the last 30 years? What led them to adopt such a strategy? Why didn’t they choose a strategy of intellectual or economic conquest? Or why didn’t they choose to do what they have always done, remain in the shadows of the society, practicing their perversions without coming in open? What is it in the modern society that told them that an all-out political and legislative assault on Christianity would be successful?

You can always go to an escapist, rapture-oriented church for all the answers you need. But just in case you prefer the company of Christians who fight to Christian who crawl, Marinov continues:

Before we answer these questions, we need to answer the strategic question: What should a tiny minority of limited resources do if it is to win the cultural war against an enemy who controls the minds and the purses of the vast majority of the population?

The answer is: Use leverage. Find an area that the enemy is not interested to fight for, and yet will have the maximum impact on him. Thus, the expenditure of holding the ground will be minimal, and the results will far outweigh that expenditure. The greatest bang for the least buck, to put it simple.

And politics and legislation is that area. How so?

Because the theology of the modern church says it. And it is the theology of the modern church that tipped off the sodomites to the possibility of defeating Christianity without much effort.

Now, going point by point:

First, the modern church openly declares that it won’t involve in politics.

I’m going to spell out the next point, as it is particularly applicable to conservatives.

Second, the modern church openly declares that it won’t resist the decrees of the political authorities. The theological justification for this is a twisted, dualistic, heretical reading of Romans 13:1-7 and of 1 Pet. 2:13-14 which declares the legitimacy of all political power and all political decrees, and forces the Christian conscience into submission to the state no matter what. (After all, Paul was speaking of the Roman authorities, right?) The declaration is present in the sending of millions of Christian children to the government schools. It is present in the pathetic idolatry and worship of the police state by Christians, and even official church ceremonies of “honoring” the standing army of government oppression called “police.” It is present in the gleeful war-mongering every time politicians come up with a new “threat to security.” It is present in the acceptance of more and more taxes (because we “should give Caesar what is Caesar’s”) and in the total silence from the pulpits on the evils of inflation, Social Security, government healthcare, etc. At every step, the churches in the Unites States declare with a loud voice, “Who is like the Beast, and who is able to wage war with him” (Rev. 13:4), and refuse to resist it, becoming accomplices in the Beast’s arrogant words and blasphemies.

Christians worshiping power, crawling before it, like some kind of Nietzschean.


With these two, the sodomites didn’t have to think of a strategy: it has been laid out for them by the elites in the church: non-involvement in politics and legislation plus non-resistance to politics and legislation. What more can the enemies of Christianity ask for?

Well, assurance of victory, for example.

For eventually, some politicians may brave the cultural tide and actually enact some legislation that could at least try to stop the victorious political march of the enemies of God. What is important is that Christians do not take such example as normative but as exceptions to the rule. Otherwise, Christians may decide that it is possible that the tide can be turned.

So, third, the modern church openly declares that it doesn’t believe in victory for the Gospel in history. Or at least that victory doesn’t really matter, what matters is that we are saved. It is in everything the modern church says, and not only the modern church, but all the conservative news sources and pundits. It is in the defeatist, pessimistic eschatologies of amillennialism and premillennialism. It is in the “exile theology”: the theory that claims that the church is analogical to the Hebrews mourning by the rivers of Babylon. It is in the false theological dictum that the Kingdom of Christ is “here but not yet.” (Of course, eventually, the “not yet” is what’s applied to the culture.) It is in the false humility of applying total depravity to politics but never applying Christ’s redemption to it; because, you know, God is not redeeming civil institutions. It is in the pretended piousness of the call to “live godly lives among a perverted generation,” instead of actively preaching and working of turning a perverted generation into a godly generation. Etc., etc.

The psychological result of this is obvious: When the enemies of God score a cultural, political, or legislative victory, it is taken for normative. Of course, it is a perverted generation, God is not redeeming the institutions, we are exiles, what else do you expect? When Christians succeed in stemming the tide, it is by default taken to be a temporary respite of the general march of the culture to darkness. It is for this reason the sodomites reacted so violently in Indiana: They know that given enough public pressure – even if it’s miniscule and politically irrelevant – Christians will be easily convinced by their own theology that nothing can stop the tide. Resistance is futile, and the theology of the modern pulpit reinforces this statement.

The modern pulpit is largely populated by men who hate God, who prefer Him to be powerless and weak and silent and defeated. Ignore them.

Or better yet, leave those who crawl before Satan, and stand with those who fight Satan, defy Satan, and gain victory over Satan.

In this world.

In this life.

Non-involvement, non-resistance, and pessimism. As long as the theology of our modern seminaries and of the pulpits of our churches continues to endorse these beliefs and practices, don’t expect the sodomites to back off from the cultural war. Why should they, if the very theology of their enemy assures them of victory? In fact, if anything, we are lucky the sodomites weren’t smart enough to start much earlier, when the church adopted these false ideas.

But if the church is to win the cultural war, a purge of pulpits is necessary. A purge that will remove those who preach non-involvement, non-resistance, and pessimism. And restore the victorious, uncompromising message that defeated the mighty Roman Empire. Without such a purge, we can’t hope to leave a better world for our children.

Time to purge the pulpits.

“But… but… ALL the seminaries ONLY create these geldings! We can’t have a church led by people without proper certification!

That just means that having a seminary education is an automatic dis-qualifier for the pulpit.

Christ said nothing about seminaries, nor did Paul. Only our enemies, who value the opinion of the powerful Establishment far above that of God, insist on a seminary education for a preacher in contrast to, say fidelity to the Word of God.

“Gotta destroy the ability of those men to preach… gotta get some defeatist beliefs into their heads… gotta load them with debt, and so silence their mouths and cripple their legs… gotta get them in seminary!

It’s time for laymen to get into the Bible themselves, get a copy of Calvin’s Deuteronomy (Hey look! It’s free online!), and some good Hebrew and Koine Greek software (I always liked Logos, but you can certainly do it more cheaply, if money is an issue.)

Those delusional, escapist, lazy-ass premil churches are the real enemy of the Faith: once they have been broken, God’s enemies will get back into the shadows. (Until God’s light reaches there, too!)

Dump them, and their loser theology, and get back on your feet Christian!


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