Equality & Slavery

The core of property rights is the ability to decide for yourself what happens to your property: you can sell it to someone, you can keep it for yourself (thus making yourself the highest bidder), or you can destroy it.

Most definitely, property rights includes the control of who uses it: you can deny use of it to anyone you choose. If you don’t wish to hire someone, or sell to someone, or buy from someone… you make the decision.

To the extent that you can’t make that decision, to that same extent you don’t really own your property: it actually belongs to someone else, not you.

Now, this someone else is actually God, as we are stewards of our lives and property, and we must give an account of all we do to Him in the judgement (and not just in the afterlife, either).

However, men despise God – and yet long to have His power, His authority. Thus, in Western nations today our property is fundamentally not ours, but is actually owned by the State. As Communism has gone out of fashion, some form of soft fascism is preferred, so we must use our property in accordance to the State creeds, and not our own religion.

This is a temporary phenomenon: The State – our only true Lord and the rightful Source of the Law, according to Our Betters – is increasingly incapable of fulfilling its promises of prosperity and safety. After the Great Default, when all those Welfare State promises of health care and a comfortable pension crumble and fall, and the Healing Saviour-State is publicly revealed to be a fraud, it will be little more than an empty shell.

But there is still a decade or two (and likely, a massive depression or two) between here and there: and probably four or so decades before the death of the government-god idol becomes obvious to all. Until then, Christians can expect increasing hostility from Our Betters.

For one thing, there will be more and more religious test to hold office: they just won’t be called such. It will just happen that you can’t be a Christian and also be a judge, or a police officer, or (eventually) be able to stand for office. This is because Our Betters still see the government as the fount of legitimacy and power: “to control the government is to control the people. That is covered in point 6 of 12 Reasons homosexual marriage will wreck the nation.

But of course, this formal and official exclusion of Christians from politics has been a long time coming: for one thing, numerous Christians have longed to retreat from reality (into Rapture fever, or some mystical isolation), and so give the world to those who hate God.

But Christian flight from responsibility and freedom is a lot older than this. As Joel McDurmon writes:

And that, friends, is why conservatism loses. It abandons the Word of God at the outset and adopts the humanists presuppositions. And those who deny God, God will deny. Don’t expect God’s blessings until you’re willing to be radical for God.

And Conservatives simply will not do this. Again: for a very long time now, conservatives have valued a mighty and powerful State far more than humility and obedience to God’s Law-World. And as we all know, today’s conservative was the flaming liberal of 30 or so years ago. Any Christian who seriously believes that any secular conservative party is going to look after Christian goals and protect Christian interests deserves to be openly mocked and ridiculed.

As I always say “Rule yourself. Or, be ruled by those who despise you.”

But ruling yourself does not come from any political party: it is an attitude of self-governance, of taking responsibility for yourself first, then your family and church, then your business and local town, neighbourhood or county. Politics comes last, after the foundations have been laid.

Before politics, comes an understanding of the world around you. It’s best not to trust the frames of the Establishment media, of what it deems “controversial” or “historic”.

Our Masters lie.

Use your own eyes, write your own blogs.



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