Bad Behaviour, Good Behaviour

Bad Behaviour

Godfather Politics reminds us that  there are no gay people:

Homosexuality is not a state of being; it’s what people do sexually. Since when does a sex act get legal protection? Where does the Supreme Court get its ultimate authority to make such a decision for more than 300 million Americans? Tradition? The voice of the people? Legal precedent?

The judges have lost the ability to judge with righteous judgment. Joel McDurmon writes:

“Here would have been a perfect opportunity to remind the Justices that the ‘merely religious reason’ was a precedent of the vast majority of Western Civilization precisely because it had been based upon the Word of God, and that it was only by that God that these Justices had any authority to begin with. By dismissing that Word, the Justices dismissed the very authority of the bench upon which they sit. At that point, they become the outlaws and the founders of social chaos.

This is true, so far as it goes. But the judges are able to promote social chaos, because the general population either want it, or see it as no big deal, too trivial to fight over.

But social chaos has a a set of prices attached to it: increased poverty, decreasing fertility, disintegrating social bonds, and the decline of a predictable legal code. Eventually, this leads to a bankrupted state, a government whose laws are incapable of enforcement, without a tax base, and without a strong base of supporters willing to fight and die for it without pay or financial benefit.

In The New World Order vs. the new world order, Gary North notes that the technological drivers behind today’s society work against a centralized tax-based authority, but also work against the restriction of the free flow of trade & information. The end of the welfare state and the coming wave of busted political promises will remove the legitimacy of the Empire, while also destroying its ability to buy support.

And once an Empire falls, it stays fallen.

Good Behaviour

There is a current movement afoot, to formally exclude believing Christians from law and governance (“Christians in name only” are tolerated for now.) This should be fought, as we must be able to protect our lives, liberty and property: but our hope should not be in regaining control of a damned government and a rotting empire, but in again learning to govern ourselves locally.

This means local courts of believers, following the laws and standards laid down by the God we worship (and not by powerful men who hate us). God laid down the foundation of the Christian civil code in the laws of Moses, with some revisions by the One who has the right to expand, restrict, and strengthen the Law, Jesus Christ.

God does not only bless individuals who behave well: He also blesses families, businesses, towns, counties, even nations that follow and uphold His word. This blessings stretches past fertility, to prosperity, a better understanding of a Law-based world, and a greater ability to extend our dominion, rule, and stewardship of it.

Those who follow Jesus Christ are not expected to run and hide, waiting for a Rapture escape, but to go forth and redeem the world.

(“Redemption” is based on purchasing the world, transferring ownership from Satan and his followers, to Jesus Christ and his followers. To purchase the world requires spiritual and financial capital, so there is a place for the free market here – and thus private property, where the owner (and not political authorities) determines what he may or may not do with it. Again, as Gary North writes:

Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good? (Matthew 20:15).

This is the most powerful affirmation of private ownership in the New Testament. The only affirmation more authoritative was God’s announcement of an ownership boundary around the forbidden tree (Genesis 2:17).)

The rule of the enemies of Christ looks unshakable now: but the Empire of Tolerance will crumble and blow away with the wind soon enough, as dead as the Soviet Union or White Supremacy or Rome herself.

But you can’t replace something with nothing.

This is where Christ Jesus and His Law-Word comes in.


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