A Bit More Science Fraud

An article covered a rather blatant fraud, declaring that chocolate ill help you lose weight.

Yesterday on the science website io9.com, German molecular biologist Johannes Bohannon explained how he pulled it off with a statistically weak study that several science journals accepted with minimal or perfunctory review


Bohannon goes on to explain how he pulled it off, how several journals accepted the study for publication with little or no review at all, and why he expected journalists to spot a weak or phony story a mile away, but of course didn’t. Clearly he underestimated the credulity of reporters. He did reach the realization that “The key is to exploit journalists’ incredible laziness.”

You know, if Christians…

  • Got serious about integrity
  • Were willing to put in the decades needed to master the needed math & science

… it wouldn’t take more than two or three generations for Christians to gain dominate intellectual thought. For a certainty, the militant atheists have no interest in anything but

  1. proclaiming their superiority and
  2. keeping their materialist assumptions unchallenged

won’t be able to stop them: Our Mental Superiors are too dependent on State Support & Grants and an Enforced Consensus to stay in power, and both are on the way down “gradually, then suddenly.”

Warning: do not become dependent on the nation-state for your income. The nation-state is suffering from red ink and digital money. The day of reckoning will arrive. There is going to be a Great Default. – Gary North




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