Evangelicals, Returning Life to Blasted Spiritual Deserts

The Faith Expands

Quite interesting to read the foundation and expansion of the Pentecostals in eastern Germany, as the former East Germany is they most atheistic place in the world. (North Korea doesn’t count, as it worships a political leader.)

Now, we just have to wait until ISIS has ruled the Levant for a few decades – growing even more corrupt than it already is – and it’s messianic promises are revealed to be so much hot air.

THEN we will see some Gospel expansion into spiritual deserts!


Calvinism, Reborn and Refreshed

Can Calvinists do the same thing?

You bet! But first, ditch the debt-building seminaries…

Then, leverage that Internet for an education…

And finally, get into multiplying homechurches! “The multiplication stops when a church building rising.” so lets avoid  setting up those piles of stone, shall we?

(See Gary North’s Beating the State: Third Century Christianity in the Third World Today for details)

Executive Summary:

  • It’s time to win,
  • God has dropped the tools for victory, right into our lap,
  • Let’s put those tools to work!

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