Some More Homeschooling Resources

Instead of just pounding on the Ron Paul Curriculum, let’s do something different!

  • Discovering Intelligent Design has provided us with some good material, with text and workbooks, videos, and self-scoring tests.
  • Logos Online School does Classical Christian Education – and we all know what “Classical Christian Education” and the Trivium really means here. (Power to the State! Glory to… Whatever.) I still want my chemistry, biology, and physics, though, and a mastery of rhetoric will be needed to defend, then advance, Christian ideas and Divine Law outside our heads, and into the real world.
  • There are of course secondary sources, such as Answers in Genesis. But for some ridiculous reason, ICR still refuses to put out a set of proper online secondary school & college-level courses in science from a reasoned & Christian viewpoint… and so leave the field to irrational and meaningless nihilists. Pathetic.

It’s fine to have more and better primary & secondary school materials: but Christian education needs to stretch out to the college level as well. This is needed to completely displace the incompetent, impoverishing, delusional, murderous, and frankly ugly vision of Our Intellectual Superiors.


If you want your child to get a shot at both financial independence and wealth, you are going to have to teach him entrepreneurship…and there’s an article from North, Teaching Entrepreneurship in the Ron Paul Curriculum, that will tell you where to find this info.

It isn’t enough to just be smarter than the other guy, or more knowledgeable, or have a better grasp of logic. We are not Muslims, ready to kill and oppress as many as we need to in order to conquer the world. Nor are we Inter/National Socialists, eager to kill people at an industrial scale for the sake of the Revolution.

Christians are called to redeem – buy back – the world. And to buy it back, you are going to need capital. Ergo, capitalism – which is really just the free market, plus full property rights.

You can’t buy back the world if you don’t have any money, do you?

Even if you like smarts – and I do! – the life of your children would be so much better with both smarts and money!

“A word to the wise is sufficient.”


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