Purges and Heresies


First, on the Tim Hunt purge:

Tim Hunt is a serious scientist. He shared the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research. In 2006 he was awarded the Royal Medal, whose past recipients include Michael Faraday, Charles Darwin, Francis Crick, and Paul Dirac. His topic at the conference where he made his offending remark was the public good of science, and why scientific research should be publicly supported. He was making, as the Royal Medal award says, “important contributions to the advancement of natural knowledge” — in this case, on the subject of cancer.

What his critics proved, by encouraging and praising his ouster, is that they are not particularly concerned with said contributions. It’s not enough to conduct serious scientific work; you must hold the correct views. The former — your theses, your monographs, your Nobel Prize — are no compensation for a dearth of the latter. And it seems an obvious corollary that, eventually, the latter will make up for a dearth of the former. Hunt’s critics showed that they are less concerned with what is discovered than with who is doing the discovering.

Re-read that last paragraph at least once. Twice isn’t overdoing it.

If you hold to the incorrect cultural views – if you belong to the wrong religion – it doesn’t matter what you have contributed, or how excellent your work is. You will be excommunicated.


Christians – serious Bible Christians – have lessons to learn from our enemies, now that all that blather about equal time and tolerance and Voltaire’s “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” has finally been tossed aside, having served their usefulness.

(Voltaire didn’t exactly say those words, BTW…)

Unlike the PC brigade, we have better cause to cut off competent, friendly, handsome, successful men from the Church who simply will not let go of their fundamental contempt for God and His Law-Word. Defending what is true, right, and holy is worth the loss of sophisticated, wealthy, knowledgeable men with their winsome smiles… and rough, poor, dumb old grumps who truly revere the Christ are definitely worth keeping.

And note: when I say ‘cut off’ or ‘excommunicate’, I don’t mean cutting heretics off from society, or the economy, or employment, or even science: just from Church membership. Today’s Masters revere the State, Lord over All, but we have a better Lord… and no man may take His place, gathering all power in his eager hands. Divided spheres of sovereignty is one of the better guards against tyranny.

The Future

Eventually – in 20 years or less – all the professors in the universities will be there not because they are the best of the best, but because they spout government-approved dogma.

If they spouted Christian dogma – not even believed it, but merely spouted it – they might have had a chance of repentance, of regeneration, of again valuing integrity and the approval of the God of Truth instead of the approval of powerful men. They might have started to actually listen to what they are saying – or be held to account for it, as Nathan held David to account for his noble words (and evil action), and then be driven to repentance and actual faith.

But it is not to be.

So the professors will be simply political appointments… which means that real science will be done elsewhere.

I sense another opening for victory-oriented Christians on the move: it isn’t just the failure of peer review or the rise of simple scientific lies

The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.

…that opens the door to Christian men of integrity, who are willing to commit the decade needed to really get things done.


An interesting article: Dino Soft Tissue Confirms Creationist Prediction

Gleanings from the original paper show discoverers excited but surprised. Creationists are excited and gratified.

Yesterday’s announcement of dinosaur soft tissue in Nature Communications by scientists from Imperial College London sets a new high hurdle for critics. It’s not really news, since soft tissue in dinosaur bones has been reported for over a decade now (see Bob Enyart’s list of journal papers).  This new paper, however, is noteworthy in many respects that will challenge naysayers…

(Hopefully, this scientific paper was properly done… )

The paper is timely, seeing that the latest dinosaur movie “Jurassic World” hits the theaters in two days. Reporters, so far, are sticking to their story that the evidence merely demonstrates that soft tissue can last for 75 million years.  This estimate, however, is about 18 times longer than the previous “expert” opinion about the longevity of collagen, especially in its quaternary structure. Can this giant leap be simply assumed? Four million years was already a stretch for many who said soft tissue degrades quickly after death. Moreover, they thought it could only be preserved for 4my under exceptional conditions of preservation—not on common bones in museum collections.

And in the comment, we see the march of Unbaised Science:

Bob Enyart keeps a list of objects containing carbon-14 that should have none, such as coal, diamonds and other “dinosaur-era” fossils. A few years ago, he spoke with famous dinosaur hunter Jack Horner, who was the inspiration for the scientist in Jurassic Park, and consultant on all the Spielberg dinosaur movies. When Enyart offered him $23,000 to carbon-date the soft tissue in his T. rex, he refused the generous grant and donation to his museum. Recognizing that Enyart is a creationist, he revealed his real reason: “The spin you guys could get out of this,” he admitted, “would not help us.” But it isn’t spin! It’s a scientific test. Who is interested in facts as opposed to spin? You can hear the whole conversation here.

Doctrine over actual evidence. *roll eyes*


But fortunately, the training and the tools needed to do proper science is increasingly widespread, especially for those who have the drive and the personal self-disciple to do it right.

Sooner or later, someone will do a carbon-14 test on dinosaur soft tissue. If there is any C-14 found at all, it will defeat the geologic column with its “Age of dinosaurs” ending millions of years ago. Don’t be alarmed if the age comes out to tens or hundreds of thousands of years, because the error bars go out of control beyond dates that can be checked against recorded history, and creationists expect different atmospheric conditions in the pre-Flood world. The point is that C-14 should be completely absent from dinosaur bone—unless dinosaurs died only thousands of years ago, not millions. That’s the Genesis Flood prediction. Want to gamble on who will be right?

We want to see a fair, unbiased suite of accurate carbon-14 tests on dinosaur soft tissue. Bring it on. We’ll see who is interested in empirical science.

The Future

Reality has a way of showing up: and the Establishment continues to shrink in power, authority, and – especially – in it’s ability to control information.

The future is looking good!


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