Science & Dominion

Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them. –Psalm 111:2

Christians are commanded to have dominion over nature, but how can we have dominion over it without understanding it?

Science – understanding the purpose & engineering of nature – is a Divine command. We may never know it exhaustively, and some are better at it than others, but we can all make progress, expanding our understanding day by day, and sharing our knowledge & wisdom with others.

To rule demands understanding: but fortunately, God is a Law-giver who expects us to know His Laws, so understanding – imperfect, but real, and ever-improving – is possible… and very rewarding!

The Dominion Mandate is commanded: and science is part of that Mandate.

Consider, Christian: what would you rather base your right to information and to communicate on: the promises of politicians who are fundamentally hostile to you and yours, or to a broader and wider use of encryption?

And what would you rather base your access to daily bread on: the free market, where you can put your creativity and your work ethic to work serving others and being rewarded for it, or on politicians who will determine who gets work, and who doesn’t?

And who will certainly give jobs to favoured minorities, while taking them away from hated dissenters?

Over time, as the punishment of Tim Hunt, Noble Prize winner, demonstrates: political ideology will triumph over actual, demonstrable results. And remember: in the secular world, heretics are not kicked out of the Church: they are stripped of their livelihood.

“It is Society that he blasphemed, so he must be punished by Society, the true master and owner of all things.” … or the State, or the People, or whatever loathsome idol is presented by The Compassionate Ones for worship.

There is no believe in divided spheres of sovereignty in secular thought. No different realms of authority between family, church, and state, with God – and only God, and never any man – able to rule over all.

There is only The Will of the People….
… actually, The Will of the Right Sort of People

Over time, God’s enemies inevitable become enemies of science as well: that is, a clear understanding of the universe. Because who cares about Truth – if it even exists – compared to ideological consistency with the Wealthy and the Connected?

The Christian duty is clear: separate yourself from the blather of ignorance and power-worship, and hew close to the Law-Word of Christ the Word of God… and thus, the Truth-Speaker.

Find the truth, and proclaim the truth, regardless of how ideologically impure Our Masters think it is.

Live free, kneeling only to Christ – and thus, without the need to crawl before any man, or any politically driven mob.

Chalcedon - Disobedience


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