Sad Puppies, Rabid Puppies, and A Throne of Bones

(With light editing, this is a cross-post from a post I made at Stellar Reaches.)

I just finished reading the latest issue of the saga of the political/ideological divides in science fiction – The High Church of Science Fiction and Tor, by Allan Davis on – and it seems to be an unfortunate conflict, but one that was brewing for a long time.

I admit, I am intrigued by the fact that it seems to be a kind of conservative uprising against liberal literary dominance – the first time this happened for a long time, and so a breath of fresh air. On the other hand, the establishment is the establishment for a reason: and liberal sci-fi writers have real audiences that number in the millions.

In the end, I’m going to leave it to the marketplace to sort out. I personally think that the boycott on Tor means little: such things have a tendency to fail.

>> Addendum: as a kind commentator on Stellar Reaches noted, Sad Puppies isn’t calling for any boycotts

Putting out a better product – and getting it to market – is more important.

My advice to Christians? Master your craft. The Bible is – among many other excellent things – a premiere guide on storytelling. Read the stories, medicate on it, even pray about it. Follow the steps of the Master Storyteller. Find someone else who loves storytelling, and talk about it with him. Read up on it, practice it.

If you want to get it to market, I recommend springing for Gary North’s website: it has powerful advertizing tools and advice – with a focus on the Internet – that can definitely get the job done. (See here for what’s available (paywall) or here (free intro, but paywall articles).

You may want to imitate Vox Day, who between his blog and his books has a tidy little media empire going. Even the very title of his books – see A Throne of Bones – demonstrates a flair for good marketing.

Go for it!

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