Every Defeat Exalted, Every Victory Ignored

If Christians expect a fair shake from the media, think again.

Now, does this annoy? Sure: suppression of the truth always does.

On the other hand, this fact of life – as we transition from centralized news to dispersed news sources – reminds us not to live in the “pre-filtered for your convenience” media bubble.

GetReligion approvingly quotes Mother Jones on the issue:

From Boston to Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charleston, one thing has become crystal clear: To get real reporting—and to get it fast—you’ve got to switch off cable and go local. It’s here you’ll find the scoops, the sense of place, the authentic compassion; it’s here you can avoid the predictable blather from a candidate, or pundit, or hack filling airtime. It’s here you’ll find out what’s really happening to a particular group of Americans who have just been shoved into a tragic spotlight. Turn off the TV and Google the local paper on your phone. Find their Twitter feed. Follow their journalists.

That’s the lesson for today: go local. That’s the way to avoid being blindsided by reality.

Go forth, and do likewise.

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