From the Breitbart article Incredibly, GamerGate Is Winning – But You Won’t Read that Anywhere In the Terrified Liberal Media:

Trendy metropolitan bloggers got used to being able to openly mock people who weren’t like them, because most conservatives didn’t fight back using the same tools as the authoritarian left: Twitter outrage, letter-writing campaigns and organised consumer pushback.

But gamers are, to their immense credit. And it doesn’t take much time reporting on this little corner of the universe to realise what kind, welcoming, funny and sympathetic characters hardcore gamers are–which might surprise you, if you believe the stereotypes. (I once did myself.)

Often, gamers are slightly marginalised figures. But what they sometimes lack in social graces and conversational subtlety they more than make up for in determination, efficiency, organisation, fairness and sheer, impressive bloody-mindedness.

They are, as American Enterprise Institute scholar Christina Hoff Sommers puts it, consumers who like to win.

I happen to admire people who like to win. It’s something Christians should learn to emulate.

(Thank you, Alan Davis!)


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