Established Banks, Established Churches

Sovereignty: Established Banks

Once again, if Christians wish to be free from the rule of Their Betters, one of the first things they will have to do is get their legal sovereignty from the Supreme Court.

This is not so difficult: Congress definitely has authority over the Supreme Court, and can restrict it, limit its jurisdiction, or overrule it as desired.ButĀ  that isn’t going to happen, as a massive percentage of Congressmen are lawyers, and the fraternity protects the fraternity. The key legal change will not happen, even if Republicans won 100% of the seats of Congress. They would continue to centralize power and endorse economic fascism, just with baptized babble to justify it.

To see why, you have to go back to why and how the power of the Supreme Court got its authority over the laws of the states. In Delegated Sovereignty and Economic Fascism: McCulloch v. Maryland (1819), Gary North points out that this was established in order to protect the banks from the power of the Lesser Breeds, so they only need to fear, bribe and respect one master: the central government.

The central issue of the case had to do with judicial sovereignty.

The textbooks say this was the issue of final judicial sovereignty. Chief Justice John Marshall decided that the U.S. government possesses this final sovereignty. But this was not the central issue of the case. The state of Maryland did not argue that it was. Webster did, and John Marshall framed it this way.

Far more important was the issue of delegated sovereignty: the right of Congress to delegate its sovereignty to a private, profit-seeking corporation of investors.

This is the supreme judicial issue associated with central banking. Marshall sided with the Bank.

The Bank was chartered by Congress. Maryland asked: Did this include the right of the Bank, on its own authority, to set up branch banks outside of Pennsylvania? By what authority? By what sovereignty? Were these branches immune from regulation and taxation in states other than Pennsylvania? In his opening statement, Hopkinson went directly to this issue.

So how will this oppression be removed? Slowly, then quickly.

Remember: this economic fascism was founded to protect the banks at the start: only after they were safe from the interference of the little people, did the Supreme Court start to expand its jurisdiction: slowly, then quickly.

The below is an excerpt from The Supreme Court Case That Handed America Over to the Bankers

Finally, in 2007, a major revisionist book was published. It challenged almost two centuries of deception. The author, who was a well-respected historian, choose a relevant title for his book: Aggressive Nationalism: McCulloch v. Maryland and the Foundation of Federal Authority in the Young Republic. It was published by Oxford University Press, a major academic publisher. This is from the book’s official Amazon summary.

Placing the decision and the public reaction to it in their proper historical context, Richard E. Ellis finds that Maryland, though unopposed to the Bank, helped to bring the case before the Court and a sympathetic Chief Justice, who worked behind the scenes to save the embattled institution. Almost all treatments of the case consider it solely from Marshall’s perspective, yet a careful examination reveals other, even more important issues that the Chief Justice chose to ignore. Ellis demonstrates that the points which mattered most to the States were not treated by the Court’s decision: the private, profit-making nature of the Second Bank, its right to establish branches wherever it wanted with immunity from state taxation, and the right of the States to tax the Bank simply for revenue purposes. Addressing these issues would have undercut Marshall’s nationalist view of the Constitution, and his unwillingness to adequately deal with them produced immediate, widespread, and varied dissatisfaction among the States.

After the banks were protected, the centralizing drive of Our Betters continues, on to this day. The vast majority of Christians either don’t care, or are unwilling to put in the blood, sweat, and tears (for several decades) to change the situation, from losing jobs, to dedicating their lives to rectifying this justice, to even raising their children themselves, rather than have their enemies raise them.

If you want to see what a man truly believes, take a look at his cheque-book.

In the end, judgement will come from the hand of God, as it did on the Soviet Union, and as it is happening right now in the European Union. Of course, a large percentage of the population lived to see both events, and still will not learn. When the Money stops coming, and the State demonstrably fails in its mission as Saviour of the People, then people will be willing to listen: and, more likely than not, all they will get to hear is wind.

The wise Christian repents today.

(If he’s really smart, he will either make himself invaluable to his employer today, or start his own business while times are still good, more-or-less.)

I acknowledge my sin unto thee, and mine iniquity have I not hid. I said, I will confess my transgressions unto the Lord; and thou forgavest the iniquity of my sin. Selah.

For this shall every one that is godly pray unto thee in a time when thou mayest be found: surely in the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him.
– Psalm 32:5-6, KJV

Sovereignty: Established Churches

There is a possibility that any American church that preaches against homosexuality will have her tax exception removed.

On the other hand, those who hold of the doctrines of powerful and wealthy men, as opposed to that of God, will receive the tax breaks and public support of the State – the only true source and definer of our laws and our public morality.

Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised that, soon after, every last Democratic politician – and, after a suitable pause, every Republican politician as well – will soon surround themselves with obedience pastors, and even the scientists will suddenly decide to welcome Intelligent Design – even (the right sort of) Creationism wholeheartedly.

In a different path to the same end, Putin is quite willing to use the Russian Orthodox Church to bolster the authority of the State, and PEGIDA in Germany is willing to wave crosses around as a tool to better serve their true Lord and Master, the Volk.

The wise Christians will keep on keeping on – keeping far from those who use the Lord’s name in vain, continuing to worship as they do in China or Pakistan or Cuba or in the days of the Soviet Union, and confident that the current Anti-God Empire will fall not too far into the future, just like all the other oppressors did, from Pharaoh to Rome to the Inter/National Socialists.

And when – not if – Christians regain their freedom, remember why the tax exemption existed in the first place: not as a subsidy of the State to favoured groups (as if the State owned everything, but graciously permits us to keep a portion of out property), but because the Church is an ambassador of a different Sovereign, a Master that all – State, Church, Family, Individual – must kneel to.

Only God’s Sovereignty is absolute and comprehensive. Everyone else is a representative of God, a minister, a steward, and our authority is delegated. Mortal men and their organizations have innate limits to their authority, and will suffer when they violate the limits God has placed on their power and desires.


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