From The Death Penalty: Which System Is Barbaric?

Reducing False Witness. Under this system, would false witness be common? I doubt it. At every step of the process of false witnessing, the criminal would be reminded of the penalty. He would cast the first stone. If later convicted, he would be the recipient of the first stone.

Humanists abandoned this system in the West. First came the public executioner, usually masked — a paid, anonymous functionary of the state. Then came public hangings, where the community attended, but refused to be participants in the act. The modern humanist wants to hide the execution. It must be invisible.

At each stage, the progressives claimed that the existing mode of execution was barbaric.

At each stage, the witnesses against the accused have been farther removed from the visible consequences of their testimony. This is barbaric.

Conclusion. The person who thinks of the citizens of a community stoning of a person convicted of a capital crime as barbaric has accepted the first principle of modern political theory: the superior sovereignty of the state over its citizens. To begin re-thinking this premise, I suggest that people re-think their views on stoning.

I regard the idea of a disarmed citizenry as barbaric.

Our Masters do not care about Justice or Victim’s Rights or Righteousness: they care about not being seen as barbaric.

On the other hand, killing as many as you wish in secret – before or after birth – is seen as civilized.

Demanding that men limit and control their sexual appetites – and refusing to legitimize their fraud and delusions – is seen as barbaric. Enforcing the marriage contract is also barbaric. Banning abortion is seen as barbaric. But public subsidizes for destructive behaviour that despises God, despises marriage, and harms the innocent (and society in general) is seen as civilized.

Civilizations that are evil are destroyed by the consequences of their own nature (and by the direct action of God). Barbarians that fear God and do what is right inherit the future – and eventually build cities of their own.


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