On Piety, Liberty, and Scams

A quote from North, from Christian Reconstruction: What It Is, What It Isn’t

Meanwhile, the pietist-humanist alliance continues: a rejection of the idea of Christian social transformation based on a return to biblical law. The Christians of our day do not want deliverance from Egypt. They prefer slavery to freedom, if this freedom means that they must challenge the rulers of our day in the name of God.

The humanists want Christians to stay out of politics as Christians. The pietists agree. The humanists deny that there are valid biblical blueprints that apply to this world. The pietists agree. The humanists argue that Old Testament laws, if applied today, would produce tyranny. The pietists agree. The humanists say that the civil government should be run in terms of religiously neutral laws. The pietists agree. The humanists deny that the God of the Bible brings predictable sanctions in history against societies that do not obey His law. The pietists agree. The humanists deny that the preaching of the gospel will ever fundamentally change the way the world operates. The pietists agree. The humanists say that Christians should sit in the back of cultural bus. The pietists agree. This is why both sides hate the message of Christian Reconstruction.

Of course, it’s American Vision’s post Pietists, you may now kiss your bride that sparked my search for this (slightly expanded) quote.

Now, as we know, God values Justice & Righteousness far more than comfort or safety. And – while politics comes fourth (after the redemption of yourself, church, and family), it must be addressed, as public justice and just, unchanging Law is a central concern and interest of the God we worship.

If Christians will be free, they must rule themselves. And the rule they must follow must be the rule of God.

God led his people out of the grip of Pharaoh, and we can be sure that today’s Pharaohs will fall as well – if, admittedly, due to their financial incompetence, moral incoherence, and inability to keep up with technical change than an increased willingness to stand for God among Christians.

Still, every time a Christian stands up in public, defying political & corporate power to side with Christ, the Kingdom of God expands.

In his recent article Secession: Armed vs. Peaceful, Gary North noted that

I am a great believer in secession. I just do not believe in the armed form. Armed secession is sometimes valid as a defensive measure against an illegitimate invasion by the central civil government, but only rarely in history has armed secession not strengthened the political power of the secessionists more than the central government from which the secessionists are seceding.

Secession is first of all a moral rebellion. People perceive that the civil government under which they operate has become inherently immoral. Also, the government shows no sign of reforming itself.

Secession begins when someone offers a moral critique that begins with the individual. Moral reform is above all self-reform. If it is not grounded in a call for self-reform, it is just one more call for a transfer of power to a new group of power-seekers.

Christians should be in it to win it: and that precludes armed secession as a strategy. Unless you want to strengthen your enemies, or create a tyranny of your very own – but in that case, do take the time to leave the Christian church, as we want nothing to do with unrepentant, violent losers like you.

Peaceful secession is the way to go: lay the foundations now, and kick it into overdrive when the GodState collapses into bankruptcy. With the enemy discredited, disempowered and delegitimized, Christians (and Christian communities) can then simply walk away.

(North also talks about this in The Coming Secession as well as the wrong (ie: power-centralizing) way to remove great evils. Also, on bottom-up power, see Fiscal Secession: A Political Strategy for Liberty.)

Now, as we all know, American Christians have NOT worked hard to build up their local communities for the last 40 years. Instead, they have put their faith and hope in the Christian Right, “working hard in Washington to bring righteousness to the nation!”

Now, what has these 40-year losers have to show for all that Christian time and money? A lot of re-elected Corporate Republicans. Whoop-de-do.

But of course, the Christian Right isn’t only a revenue-enhancing tool for Republicans: they also make a useful boogieman for the Left as well. Never mind that these Christians have only ever lost their battles since the day they were born: you can always scare up some quotes to spook the masses…

From Getting Out of the Caves (2009)

Bible studies thrive in every neighborhood across the United States. Washington, D.C., abounds with prayer breakfasts. A big deal is made of where presents attend church. The Bible remains the nation’s top seller. Although a number of prominent religious hucksters have left the airwaves, television and radio remain filled with religious programming. There are reports that thirty-five percent of America’s population is evangelical. With all of this, Christians are a growing persecuted majority. They are more often scorned than taken seriously. On the other hand, the homosexual community, which is no more than two percent of the population, is getting its agenda passed into law. What gives? In the simplest terms, today’s Christianity is still a private affair.

Christians need to get out of their caves and into the world. We should be the innovators and inventors. We should be on the cutting edge of technology, medicine, and journalism. Caves are for losers.

Has truer words ever been said? On the other hand…

The embrace of, and near-celebration of cultural defeat is explicit on the lips and in the hearts of standard, conservative, Bible-believing, Christian premillennial leaders.

…this kind of thing has got to stop.


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