Dinosaur Blood, Young Dwarf Planets, and the End of Delusions

From Uncommon Descent:

Bill struck a chord with me because his main point was, information theory cannot be incorporated into this so-easy-victory-for-materialism agenda.

I’d never before heard anyone offer evidence as to why the unbelievable just isn’t true.

As opposed to the usual rubbish: We should quiet our concerns by  developing two lives, one in which we assent that the unbelievable is true (and get good jobs). Otherwise,  we could assert what we know, as  believable and evidence-based, and then be marginalized or destroyed.

I was inclined to kick the whole thing upside the cowshed.

No wonder Dembski became a hated man. Hated on both sides because, apart from any other way in which he might be a threat,  he offers lazy “Christians in science” a chance to fight – which they absolutely did not want.   They want to make a living by surrendering a bit at a time, via grants.

Almost all evidence-based conflict around evolution turns on the claim that Darwinism (natural selection acting on random mutations) creates vast amounts of new information in life forms. And that cannot be true, on probability grounds alone. See Bill’s book, Being as Communion, for a start.

The worrying thing is that it no longer matters whether Darwinism is or could possibly be true; only if it conforms to some admin/gov guideline.

It is the State that Determines the Truth!

…or Determines the Grants, which amounts to the same thing among today’s ‘fitness, not truth’ scientists office-seekers.

But what wearies me the most is just how cowardly, craven and patheticly favour-seeking ‘intellectual’ Christians are. How deeply respectful of human authority, and how uncaring they are of the God they supposedly worship.

Some people are going to be spewed out from His church, like the poisons they are.

As the Creation Evolution guys say, Pluto is young. It isn’t just the smooth, crater-free surface: it’s the energy needed to keep it young.

Again, from Creation Evolution Headlines:

This could represent a revolution in planetary science happening before our eyes. Everyone is saying these surfaces are “young” and all the experts are at a loss to keep them young-looking for billions of years. Unlike with Triton and Enceladus, there is not a large planet nearby to force heat into it. The traditional theory escape mechanisms (radioactivity and tidal heating) are not available on this dwarf planet and its tidally-locked moon, isolated from gravitational influences. Both are also too small to store vast amounts of radioactive heavy elements (especially Charon). Read the quotes: mysterious, baffling, shocking, astonishing. Creationists enjoy the show, but are not using those words. They expect things to be young. It’s only the old-age moyboys, accustomed to mythical billions of years, who are shocked. We’ll keep tabs on the latest developments as more data and images come down over the next 16 months.

It reminds me of that fiasco with the dinosaur blood:

Bob Enyart discusses this paper with CEH editor David Coppedge in a special edition of his radio show today (June 10).

Bob Enyart keeps a list of objects containing carbon-14 that should have none, such as coal, diamonds and other “dinosaur-era” fossils. A few years ago, he spoke with famous dinosaur hunter Jack Horner, who was the inspiration for the scientist in Jurassic Park, and consultant on all the Spielberg dinosaur movies. When Enyart offered him $23,000 to carbon-date the soft tissue in his T. rex, he refused the generous grant and donation to his museum. Recognizing that Enyart is a creationist, he revealed his real reason: “The spin you guys could get out of this,” he admitted, “would not help us.” But it isn’t spin! It’s a scientific test. Who is interested in facts as opposed to spin? You can hear the whole conversation here.

The world’s leading scientists are less scientific than this pastor in Denver. Enyart keeps lists of predictions by creation scientists, many of which have been confirmed. This paper now confirms #2 of his dinosaur soft tissue predictions: “For now, dinosaur tissue will be found not only in rare circumstances, but rather easily, i.e., when looked for.” Prediction confirmed! He was spot on. Did the secular evolutionists predict this? No! They were totally surprised (see the reactions in yesterday’s post). His lists also show that DNA from dinosaurs has already been found, contrary to what the reporters on the current story are saying.

Sooner or later, someone will do a carbon-14 test on dinosaur soft tissue. If there is any C-14 found at all, it will defeat the geologic column with its “Age of dinosaurs” ending millions of years ago. Don’t be alarmed if the age comes out to tens or hundreds of thousands of years, because the error bars go out of control beyond dates that can be checked against recorded history, and creationists expect different atmospheric conditions in the pre-Flood world. The point is that C-14 should be completely absent from dinosaur bone—unless dinosaurs died only thousands of years ago, not millions. That’s the Genesis Flood prediction. Want to gamble on who will be right?

We want to see a fair, unbiased suite of accurate carbon-14 tests on dinosaur soft tissue. Bring it on. We’ll see who is interested in empirical science.

Establishment science cares less and less about truth, and more about conformity to ideology and obedience to government edicts to keep those government positions and grants.

This, despite the ongoing weakening of the power of the State, its’ inability to win wars or even enforce basic, timely justice (or it’s disintegrating ability to manage the economy – something that should never have been attempted in the first place).

On the ongoing failure of the State, see

(And, for extra credit regarding the current political religion:

But never mind: so long as the State can still tax and print money, the intellectuals will serve. Right until the senior banks – faced with the choice of saving themselves, or saving the State – chooses to save themselves, and the Welfare State dies in the Great Default.

Christians would be wise to get and stay entrepreneurial, and avoid dependence on government paycheques as much as possible while building up their family, community, church, and local networks. Not only will this be a massive help after the State goes belly-up: it will also provide the funding and the discipline to build a new, better, truth-seeking and Christ-obedient society after the end of the current secularistic God-State era.


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