Europe Leads, America Follows

It’s been a long time since America led, and Europe followed (i.e. The American Revolution, then the French Revoulution.)

Ever since, Europe leads, and America follows – primarily due to the rise of the Progressive Era – heavily influenced by Germany – and supported by the growth of Scofield-style ‘soul-winning not culture-winning, Rapture-escape from reality’ premillennialism.

No matter how viscous or how silly the ideas from Europe – from fascism to abortion, from Socialism to Darwinism, from easy divorce to sexual sterility… even frankly preposterous notions like homosexual marriage or long-discredited, costly nonsense like world empire… it’s Europe that sets the pase, and America that imitates.

A more ugly form of colonial cringe, I have yet to see.

But even this is coming on to its endgame. Europe is a financial mess, and not only will the welfare state die, so will the unified nature of the European Union. And if it happens there, it will happen here soon enough: we are far too tightly linked to break away now.

The only good thing about all this is that American imitation of Europe has been mainly an elite preoccupation. The breaking of the welfare state and the fall of the debt-based economy, coupled with the ongoing power & development of the Internet, will also break the power of the current elite structure. And America has a stronger Christian remnant: we are not going to go full “blood & soil” like the Europeans will, when the lies and fantasies – emptied of the power of money – fall to the ground.

As if the State was ever a Saviour of the People.
As if it ever cared for justice and freedom, instead of centralized power and control.

Moreover, there is a stronger level of trust in freedom, greater distrust in government promises, and (weak, but still there) a love of local community that can be of great help, when the God-State idol falls to the ground. And entrepreneurship – despite regulatory government hostility – still survives here.

I doubt that there will be a time when America leads, and Europe follows: the elites are the same, but the peoples and cultures involved are too different. But there can – and I believe, there will – be a time when America will be free from cultural cringe before Europe, as she will have a better Guide than the lies of wealthy and powerful men.


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