Action Beats Whining

While watching this solid series on astronomy, I came across the usual canard – visual this time, rather than verbal – of how ignorant medieval Christians are vis-a-vis Muslims, when it comes to remembering the Greek names of stars.

For one thing, this seems to be a very suspiciously narrow basis to claim Islamic intellectual superiority. Especially when you compare Islamic intellectual output since then, or even start searching for original Islamic discoveries (as opposed to repeating what the ancient Greeks said).

Also, it would be wise to recall that the scientific errors of the medieval church can be traced to their love of the Greek Aristotle, not to the Bible.

But the real point is this.

The Establishment is, and always will be, opposed to the Christian church and Christian culture. But the Establishment is not nearly as powerful as it’s hymn-singing media and academic supporters claim. It definitely can be toppled non-violently, merely by sticking it with the blame it deserves thanks to it’s incompetent handling of the economy, justice, taxation, and culture.

But you can’t beat something with nothing.

Christians not only have to develop their own culture and philosophy, separate from the man-exalting, State-worshipping Enlightenment (which is rotting before our eyes): they have to make their own videos as well.

Christians must produce and successfully proclaim their own views on science… their own understanding of the universe… ridicule Darwin and Atheism and Materialism at every opportunity, explicitly and implicitly (whatever gets the job done most efficiently & elegantly)… and insist that the universe, society, and the economy (and everything else) is rooted in the Law-Word of the Christian God, as embodied in Jesus Christ.

And all produced at high production values and top-notch writing, of course.

In short:
Stop whining. Start fighting.


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