Philosophy and Science

Ignoring Cornelius Van Til for just a moment…

From Uncommon Descent’s “Why Does Philosophy Matter?” article:

But after showing due respect to the existentialist comic – which, incidentally, is more upright and righteous than X number of craven Christian leaders (snort) – I’d like to draw the reader’s attention to the informative comments of Johnnyb…

Actually, Seversky, in both Biology and Physics, many of the major breakthroughs have happened by pulling ideas from theology.

Seversky –

“But that’s a far cry from the implication that religious or philosophical beliefs somehow dictate the nature of the reality science is investigating.”

There is *no one* who thinks that beliefs dictate the nature of reality. Rather, the beliefs are a reflection of reality, and therefore help us know where to look to find truth. Reflecting on God *is* reflecting on reality, and doing so brings long-term gains in knowledge. Science simply takes what theologians and philosophers have discovered through spiritual reflection, and made it quantitative. Certainly a needed and beneficial move, but I just think it is funny that when this happens scientists think that they are somehow making theology less important. It would be like saying that engineering makes science unimportant.

It’s nice to see Christians finally get up on their hind legs for once.

Very late in the day, mind, with all sorts of rampant evil, destructive fantasies, and openly totalitarian cant running about. All lovingly nurtured by Our Betters.

But still, good to see.


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