Some Pushback

The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and and its Scientific Pretensions – it’s good that there is some pushback against the official ethos of the Establishment, but it’s pathetic that there are so few Christians willing to actually do the spadework necessary to regain the leadership of (what used to be) their culture, nation, and civilization.

Or even to merely get themselves out from under the rule of those who despise them.

Creationists Take Down Another Top Professor – to my amazement, there’s some sort of quality control going on in a Christian college, as a BioLogos evolutionist – Christians (cough) who insist that God had nothing to do with the creation (a.k.a. metaphysical naturalism) get driven out.

This seems perfectly reasonable to me: after all, in a few years anyone holding Christian positions on sexuality will be effectively barred from the professions and politics, so establishing Progressivism as the de jure ideology of the State. (instead of just the de facto belief system, as it is today taught by the public schools.)

But I ask, why should only the Right Sort be permitted to discriminate?

Yes, I know the Compassionate position: “error has no rights.” But like all empires, the current Tolerance domination is a temporary thing, due to vanish with the welfare state in the fullness of time.

As preparation for the time when Christians again rule themselves, they should get serious in both personal self-discipline, and in tossing out ringers, false friends, fence-sitters, and the rest of the Establishment mouthpieces. Point them to the church door, where they can be welcomed with open arms by the wealthy and powerful… because to a materialist, isn’t that all there is in life?


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