Tyrants Fall

Believing Christians who are weary of serving those who hate them (and having their taxes used to pay to promote anti-Christian goals) should be heartened by the ongoing rot of the socialist tyranny of North Korea.

The Right Sort here own the judicial and academic systems (with a big assist from liberal Christians), but they can’t simply machine-gun your family or go looking around for Bibles to burn, as The Right Sort can in North Korea (and kill you for having one).

Incidentally, the Communists of both North Korea and China stem from liberal Christian missionaries, who value practical, pragmatic goals like Equality and Maximized State Power far above things like the deity of Jesus Christ, Heaven and Hell, or liberty. Internal traitors have inflicted far more harm on the faith than anyone else: even Islam is fundamentally just another Christian heresy. See Apostate: The Men Who Destroyed the Christian West for details.

The North Korean Establishment have all the absolute, unchallenged power all socialists thirst for: but time marches on, and the Master Class begin to rot.

Party membership loses luster

As elements of the market economy continue to seep into the social fabric of North Korea, the once highly valued membership to the Workers’ Party is losing its attraction, as there are more restrictions placed on Party members than those outside of the circle.


Party members face more restrictions when it comes to doing business, and the lingering risk of being purged makes people uneasy, explained the source. “If you don’t show up at work, or if you are exposed for ‘anti-socialist’ operations because you have too large of a business, Party members have to pay much larger sums in bribes than the average person,” he said. “If you’re removed from the Party you receive much greater surveillance than residents who have been incarcerated at long-term reeducation camps, so being a Party member isn’t that popular anymore.”

Non-members do not face the same problems and are relatively free in running their businesses, the source said.


While in the past, those from poor families or bad songbun [family political background and loyalty] had to pay hundreds of dollars in bribes to get into the Party, now the price tag is so low that often times a drink over some rabbit meat will do the trick, according to the source.


Safety agents quit for ‘safer’ jobs

More safety agents, who act as police officers, in North Korea are leaving their posts and seeking work at the marketplace instead. This comes as more agents are facing retaliation from angry residents who have fallen victim to their abuse of power during crackdowns and surveillance, Daily NK has learned.


Compared to the previous leadership, surveillance and control over residents has become more severe, leading to growing discontent and anger from the public, according to the source. This has challenged bad behavior from safety agents and contributed to their ‘early retirements’, she explained.


“No one speaks well of safety and security agencies,” the source said. Recently, in the city of Rajin, a middle-aged agent who had served as a customs’ official was beaten by traders in broad daylight in front of the provincial People’s Committee office, she said. The source said the official had given trade workers a difficult time and had earned himself a bad reputation.


Following the execution of key officials such as Jang Song Thaek and other high-ranking cadre members, officials are less ambitious about climbing up the ranks and more content with the status quo, he said. Being in higher ranking posts not only exposes them more to the leadership but also to the public.

In North Korea, joining the Establishment is fast losing its attraction. As it is there, so it will be here in the coming decades. True, the details will be different: but the basic gist, the zeitgeist, will be much the same.

Christians are not secularists, and are not to trust in the money and the guns and in powerful friends. They are to root themselves in God’s Law-Word, the victory He has pre-ordained for Himself and for those who love Him, and in the righteous, holy, and unstoppable growth of the Kingdom of God, led by Jesus Christ.

The kingdoms of this world
are become the kingdoms of our Lord,
and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.
– Revelations 11:15

If you happen to be interested in a Christianity that grows and matures to fill the Earth – instead of wailing in despair, eager to crawl before those who hate God… you can’t go too far wrong with American Vision’s “What can we do?” as a starting point.

We don’t live in North Korea: we have far more scope of action, and a far greater ability to regain our liberty, than those under the thumb of Dear Leader do. Let’s put to work the great gifts God has given us today!


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