Pushing Forward

Pushing Forward

Elite Economic Incompetence

Current stock market troubles suggest that there will be a recession coming in the near future, within a year or so. I expect it to be a very tough one – but not the immediate end of the Keynesian system, nor of the central banks, nor of the fiat regime. That’s still a few decades away, even in my optimistic eyes.

(But see North’s The Great Brick Wall of China: Planning by Inflation, which suggests that at least Keynes will be discredited by the coming crumbling of China within the next decade. Reality pushes on, but it takes a while for the idols of the day to be ground to powder, one by one.)

No Cowards in Heaven… but the Righteous Should Multiply

With the end of the Establishment – preferably by delegitimization, bankruptcy, and decentralization, rather than costly, centralizing, and wasteful violence – comes the question, what should Christians do?

I am not speaking to Christian cowards, eager to submit to evil men who enjoy grinding their heels into their faces. Many Christians by their passivity empower the wicked, driven by to their safety-seeking, risk-denying, faithless behaviour, rooted by the fear of men rather than of God. These Christians must repent, before they can do anything else.

I am speaking to those Christians who wish to have all nations disciples of Christ, to have the Kingdom and Laws and Authority of Jesus Christ dominate and direct the world. They are a minority in the churches, but this group of men are the only men that actually matter in this life, as they are the only ones who are interested in obeying Christ’s command to reshape and redeem the world.

These believers, rooted in their faith in Christ, must start working now to ensure the expansion of the Kingdom – at a slow rate today, but at an ever-increasing rate. (Think logarithms – you know, ‘from a single cell’… or twelve men, in our case.) Of course, this means an absolute confidence in the victorious Christ – Christus Victor – in this life, as well as the next. “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in Earth, as it is in heaven.”

But it is wrong to just say “God will do it” and live our self-serving lives. Our lives must serve God and His kingdom, and this means investing in the future. For the vast majority of men, that means building up their families and homeschooling their children, teaching them to exalt God, grounded in a good education (especially in English, Math, and Entrepreneurship), loving God’s Law-Word, knowledgeable of the foundations of Western civilization (the good and the bad), and ready to reshape the world.

(Also: the more children, the greater the force that can be applied to exalt God. “Four is good, but ten is better.”)

Official Seminaries, Official Mouthpieces

It would be good to expand house-churches as well. The seminaries are worthless, but there are lots of good software out there, for those who wish to master Biblical Greek and Hebrew. A strong grip on Calvin’s Institutes and his commentary on Deuteronomy is also wise. I also have a fondness for Rushdoony’s works (especially his Institutes of the Christian Religion), as they are structured to have a high regard for God’s Law-Word. More study materials can be found at North’s Freebooks site.

To build the future, you need Biblical Blueprints (also available at the Freebooks site). This future must be planned out, financed, and built, as the secularist elite are simply incompetent at running a civilization, and the rest – Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism – are at various degrees of slavery, sterility, idolatry, oppression, ritualism, and escapism. None are capable of bringing humanity forward.


The decentralizing, enriching, and gatekeeper-smashing nature of technology must be understood by the Christians of the future.

Our Hateful Masters love a massive centralizing, and an unaccountable bureaucracy to create and enforce the right kind of laws, beyond popular votes or the reach of the common man.

Note especially their love of Supreme Courts, accountable only to themselves – but don’t miss the endless expansion of administrative law, and the natural Establishment loathing of the jury trial, the greatest safeguard of our liberty.

All this is paid for by fiat and debt (as Our Masters have no intention of actually ruling within their means… and The People who support them don’t care about the long run either (a la Keynes), so long as they get their government welfare/retirement/health care goodies. Let the fantasies roll, as long as the can is kicked, and kicked, and kicked again. “The problem can be dealt with after I’m dead and gone.”

Christians will be here, after the Establishment is dead and gone. After the Great Default. After the system goes bust. And since we’ll be here, we are the ones who will have to build a new civilization after the current mess of willful evil and drooling destructiveness is over.

Failure and collapse is not natural: they are the natural result of disobedience, of contempt for God and His rule. The natural goal of Christian societies is to deepen and expand their obedience – and teach other nations to do the same – and not to conquer, oppress, rob, and slaughter them, in the Imperialist style beloved by pagans, nationalists, and racialists, as well as Christian heresies such as Communism and Islam.

The guiding point for a better civilization is “God’s will, God’s Law, God’s Kingdom”. Secularists (and Muslims) love crushing centralized militaristic empires: Christians are to shun them, as being far more costly, lawless, and morally destructive than they’re worth. Secularist ideology (and the Islamic religion) love the idea of stolen wealth, by inflation or by conquest/enslavement: Christians are to understand that theft is evil, and shun it. We must work to build the Kingdom of God, with our own sweat and blood, time and thought.

Present Sacrifice for Long-term Victory

Rapture escapists have no interest in working to build the Kingdom of God – not only because of laziness and a love of cheap religion that cost them nothing, but also of a need to escape accountability for their inevitable failures and mistakes in building the kingdom. They have counted the cost of obeying God – and decided that it’s far too high. Better to live in comfort under the godless – even as the comforts continues to shrink, and the hostility of the godless continues to grow…

Biblical Christians, people who believe that Christ is Victorious in the Here and Now (as well as in the hereafter) should recognize that they will fail to reach their goals – but if they persist in obedience to God, turning away from their sins, their strength and skill will increase, and defeat will be replaced with victory.

All this takes time. Eleven of the twelve apostles (as well as Christ Himself) were killed in the service of the Kingdom of God. William Wilberforce, who laboured so hard to free the slaves, died even as the passage of the slavery abolition laws was in motion. Christians must expect to die with their boots on, and they must prepare successors and inheritors of their mantle and their task.

God Commands. We Must Obey.

There will be no Rapture escape from our duty to expand Christ’s kingdom, until justice and peace fills the world. When we die, God will judge us on how we personally obeyed His command to expand His rule. First in our lives, but also in our families, churches, businesses, and communities.

And not only this: He will demand to know how we actually worked to expand His kingdom, to obey His direct command to disciple the nations. He will weight the time we spent on this. He will see how much money we spent on this, compared to spending on our own selves. He will want to know if we even tithed as He commanded. (See North’s The Covenantal Tithe and Tithing and the Church for more.)

We will be held eternally accountable to God for our actions: and a substantial bit of the consequences will be felt in this life, as well – as a early reward (blessing) or a early warning (curse), as the case may be.

Read God’s word – in the Bible.

Listen to His word – in a church worthy of the name.

Watch how He moves – in your life.

Hear God, and obey His holy and perfect will.

(Instead of the powerful and wealthy men who despise God…and who prefer to gain your obedience in His stead, obedience that rightfully belongs to God alone.)

And gain the victory, for yourself, your people, and even all Creation, in this life and the next!


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