Where Ben Carson is Really Needed


Does anyone out there really think that another Black president – regardless of beliefs, ideology, or party – is going to actually improve the life of either the poorest Black folk, or Black Americans in general?


Well then, what can get results?


If there was one thing that could be done immediately, it would be to eliminate prison for non-violent drug offenses at the federal level.

Two things? Eliminate the minimum wage while you’re at it.

Three? Eliminate Federal subsidies to Black education. Those gang-run drug and violence emporiums called the public schools are the number one destroyer of Black futures, and federal subsidies to Black colleges make them nothing but lapdogs of the current Establishment, and it’s comprehensive hostility to large-scale Black achievement.

(Various selected tokens and tools – Republican and Democratic – are acceptable, since they aren’t going to rock the boat.)

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Blacks would be far better off if they were simply teaching their kids to read from the KJV Bible. Not just in mastering truly majestic English speech and a rather high literacy level, but in morality and spiritual wisdom as well. The mother/child connection isn’t nothing to sneeze at, either!

Is there any chance of these things getting done? Not this side of the Great Default: that bus left with Ron Paul. Thinking that anyone else, Democratic or Republican, Black or White, is going to get it done is nothing but a pipe dream.

So, there is nothing that can be done that will immediately solve some of the serious problems that afflict Black America.


There is nothing that will be done – certainly not in the political sphere – that will have a major, rapid, positive impact on Black America. But if you turn away from the yammering of various politicians and extend your time horizons, there are quite a number of things that can be done to build up Black America in general.

The number one door that is open right now is to build and extend a high-quality Black Christian homeschooling program.

I believe that there is absolutely no chance of Democratic Black America getting together and setting up a program: they are far too committed to the public schools, and are utterly comfortable in locking up Blacks – especially Black boys – in invisible cages of ignorance and hopelessness. Just as they have been doing for the last four, five decades or so – with the vigorous and delighted support of their White Democratic counterparts.

“We who only want what’s best for you.”
Followed by a huge smile…

So, I turn to Republican Blacks, who – at least in their rhetoric – support Christianity, capitalism, and Western Civilization. This is for the good, as I have the deepest distrust of socialist Men of the People, have no interest in power-seeking lawlessness of secularism/atheism, and highly value certain concepts within Western Civilization, especially in regard to law, liberty, individualism, historical truth, and the ideas of progress and scientific investigation, grounded in a predictable universe of laws (slanted to favour humanity, and which can – and should – be understood by men).

I also like the idea of Black people generating their own wealth – the more, the better – instead of pleading for reparations, set-asides, and all the rest of it. Capitalism: it’s how you stand on your own two legs, with a straightened spine.

What Can be Done, and Should Be Done

Forget political blather for now. We’ll get to that eventually, but as Gary North says, “Politics fourth.” The self-disciplined individual, family (and businesses), and churches all come before politics. And even in the realm of politics, local, ward, and county politics come far before the cesspool of State and Federal politics.

Instead, get to the heart of the matter, and spend your most valuable time shaping the future: that is, Black girls and especially Black boys.

That means getting together successful, achieving Black men to spend the time and money to build top-tier programs, to teach young Black children – again, with a unapologetic focus on Black boys – to master literacy, numeracy, the foundations of science and business (including entrepreneurship), all grounded in a high view of Scripture (and the God that Scripture points to.)

If feminists whine enough, I’m more than happy to recommend an explicitly masculine homeschooling program, targeted solely to Black boys. Nothing good is going to happen in Black America – nothing – until Black boys are built up, to rise and become the powerful, knowledgeable, effective, wise, disciplined, and victorious men God expects them to be.

Because we already know how utterly incompetent and worthless the current public education system is, especially when it comes to Black boys – decade, after decade, after decade…

I’m done waiting for change.

Especially from our Democratic friends.

I love the pro-entrepreneurship angle of the Ron Paul Curriculum, but with the Ben Carson Curriculum, I’d expect a stronger focus on math, science, logic, and an outstanding biological and medical program.

What I want to hear is something like “Look at this! Twenty-five percent of all incoming medical professionals – from doctors to nurses to EMTs, black and white, male and female – are graduates of the Ben Carson homeschooling program!”

If you’re good enough, nobody is going to care about your sex or race or religion, only that you deliver top-shelf results, over and over and over again. THAT is what that goal of Christian education should be… instead of the fourth-rate, warmed-over drool we have today.

So, Ben Carson, after you’re done with politics, put your name and your heart into something that will have a real impact on the world… something that actually matters.


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