Putin’s Coming

From North’s Tea Party Economist

We have seen all this before. The Soviet Union fell in late 1991. Shortly thereafter, Murray Rothbard lamented that no one in the West had offered a blueprint for rebuilding Russia along free market lines. Into this vacuum came Yeltsin, who served as Putin’s Kerensky.

Stockman, more than anybody else, has the credentials and the obligation to do whatever possible to avoid our Yeltsin, followed by our Putin.

I close with a quotation from the late Jack Miller, who was a master of capitalist one-liners. He offered this one: “Americans at some point will call for a man on a white horse. There are a lot of guys out there with brown horses and whitewash.”

It’s going to happen: and not just in America, either. When the Welfare State falls apart in Europe, things are going to get very Nationalist, very fast.

Still, there’s a real chance that America can at least head off the new Leaders of the People… if (and only if) Americans take responsibility for the failures of their government (which they elected, after all) and have a blueprint to get back to liberty, sanity, and increasing reverence to God.

(And when I say “reverence to God”, I mean the real thing, not some cross-waving in front of a pious-mouthed Dear Leader.)


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