Why Christianity Is Surging in the Heart of Islam

Victory can come from force of arms, but I distrust such fleshy, worldly victories. At best, and when executed lawfully, they drive away thieves and murderers and restrict the growth of evil, giving space for the just to live in peace: but even lawful, limited violence cannot redeem the world.

And that’s when the cause to war is clearly defensive and protective, and not some viscous aggressive war, as the West waged against Iraq, and Syria, and Libya.

(And even Afghanistan was essentially unjust, as the Afghan government in 2001 offered up Bin Laden to the Americans, and the offer was turned down. See here and here for details.)

And now, the West wails that one of the consequences of the war – tons of refugees, mainly young Arab men, are now arriving at their doorstep, looking for those welfare handouts – or just an escape from their smashed homelands.


A better victory, a victory that spreads life and grace and hope and wisdom (instead of death and cruelty and despair and foolishness), is discussed in the recent Christianity Today article, Why Christianity is Surging in the Heart of Islam.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: when Christianity again surges in the heart of Europe, the vanguard will be men named Sayid and Ahmed and Abaymoi and Taban, not George or Pablo or Pedro or Giuseppe.


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