Aging Oxford, Aging Masters

I happen to be in contact with an Oxford University researcher, and I was astonished to discover that their Internet connections are second, even third rate in speed/bandwidth. That’s frankly ridiculous: Real scholarship and research demands real Internet to get at the information you need, and it boggles the mind that a (supposedly) top-rated Western university can’t manage what 15-year old online players in Hong Kong take for granted.

What Cromwell refused to do, is finally being done with the tool of advancing technology.

Note: the transfer of power began in 1660, with the restoration of Charles II to the British throne. Cromwell, the Lord Protector, had died in 1658. The Restoration displaced Cromwell’s Puritans. But Cromwell had never consolidated his rule where it mattered: Oxford. He technically ruled over Oxford for almost a decade, but he never made any reforms. Next came the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and the creation of the Bank of England in 1694. This 34-year consolidation of social and economic power — the displacement of Puritan rule — was paralleled in Boston in these same years.

– Gary North, Reversal of Fortune: Why the Power Elite Will Lose Power

Like all the Centres of the Establishment, Oxford has done a lot to hinder and slow the spread of the Gospel – and the necessary follow-up, public and private obedience to God’s Law-Word. I wouldn’t be surprised to here that they are still chuckling over the publication of the Scofiend Scofield Reference Bible.

As you know, that was the Bible that – in it’s footnotes –¬† introduced the heterodox theology retreatist dispensationalism into the English-speaking world, and persuaded millions of Christians to abandon Christ’s direct command to expand His kingdom and uphold His laws in favour of fruitless prophetic delusions and ceding ever-greater amounts of territory to the wicked because “it’s fruitless to polish the brass of a sinking ship”.

(Satan has always known that the best way to poison and delude the Church is to wrap up his lies with lots of pious words and religious garb. Slipping cowardice and mystical delusions into the footnotes of a Bible only shows the level of intelligence, cunning, and corruption we are dealing with.)

I admit, the book would have never gained the influence it did if there wasn’t a longing to escape from work and a willingness to gain fear by looking with the eyes of the flesh at the post-World War I disaster – instead of the eyes of faith and humility and repentance – and then renewed commitment to God and His Rule. Serious Christian resistance to evil delusions would have pushed back the wicked, good and hard – and it is our sin that there was no resistance, and such a welcoming to the promise of mystical escapes.

Still, it warms the heart that the publishers of the Scofield Reference Bible are getting what’s coming for them.

Now, when will the visual failure of Our Masters spread from Oxbridge to the American Ivy League? Not today – Harvard does have it’s endowment of tens of billions of dollars, for example, and that’s not going away anytime soon.

Still, people who plan to do the heavy spade-work to push out the murderous, corrupt, delusional incompetents who rule us should take heart at the decline of one power centre – the first of many failures – and lay the foundation for the public recognition of God’s supremacy right now. We prepare the soil, and shouldn’t worry about that man-made wall of money and influence.

Just be sure that when the opportunity presents itself, we’re got the tools we need to get the job done.

For a start, it would be really wise to set up an above-average online university, with a morality and worldview rooted in the Law-word and Ethics of Christ (also manifested in the Mosaic Code). Spending $1 million on this is far better than pouring $17 million down a political rathole, hoping and praying for a Political Saviour like the Socialists and the Marxists and the Fascists do.

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