Welfare-State Migrants

From Governments Give Migrants a Disastrous Mix of Social Welfare and Bureaucracy

Public Benefits Create the Incentives

A major driver creating the incentives to make this dangerous, life threatening journey can be summed up with a single photo:

Facilitators inform migrants on conditions of stay

Above is a photo of a reference card created by human smugglers obtained by Frontex, the European Union’s border control agency. Smugglers throughout the Middle East, Turkey, and North Africa produce such cards and hand them to potential clients. In effect, refugees have ceased seeking the nearest safest refuge and are now shopping the best nations to flee to. This has created the issue that people are no longer fleeing from conflict or poverty, but fleeing toward the most lucrative benefit package. The above cards do warp the legal systems by implying that showing up is sufficient cause for asylum and the benefits are permanent and for life. However, the presence of such benefit packages does exist and is a major incentive for migrants. This explains why people fleeing Libya are crossing the Mediterranean in rickety, overcrowded boats and people are passing through four or five perfectly secure nations to reach the EU. Part of this large humanitarian crisis is generated by dangling the incentives that anyone who arrives will be given a host of benefits that are, relatively speaking to the recipient, opulent.

The United States provides similar resettlement benefits and even includes the possibility of full family unification. With the United States, further issues exasperate with the treatment of Unaccompanied Minors, who are advertised as given an almost full ride by showing up. This accounts for the surge of fifteen-to-eighteen-year-old males crossing the US border under dangerous conditions.

(You can download that handy benefits handout pictured above, here.)

I always thought that the Welfare State will die due to the massive rise in sick, elderly people: too much promises, and not enough of Other People’s Money to go around.

It looks like I am wrong: it’s going to die a decade earlier than I would have guessed, as millions of Arabs and African men are going to move to Europe in order to get Free Stuff.

And after the Welfare State dies, you now have millions of hostiles, embedded deep into the biggest cities of Europe, waiting for charismatic preachers from Our Saudi Allies to lead them in their fight against the Infidel Crusader Oppressor.

Yes, I know, I know: the politicians will be laughing their head off, as they (and their fat pensions) head off to sunny retirements. I doubt if most indigenous Europeans will be, though.

From Germany’s Coming Demographic Revolution

Before 2015, Germany’s Muslim population was around 5 percent of the whole, potentially rising to 7 percent or so by 2030. If the present wave of migrants and refugees continues, that figure could well be 15 or 20 percent by the 2030s, and it would be rising fast. For the first time ever, we would seriously be looking at something like the Islamization of Europe that has been a nativist nightmare for a generation. And in the German context, that process would be squeezed into just a couple of decades. That is radically destabilizing.

Personally, I don’t believe that the presence of Islam in Europe need of itself be harmful or even negative, nor that it would necessarily lead to violence. But I am quite certain that numerical changes on this scale do portend a cultural and social revolution without precedent.

Shouldn’t the Germans, and other Europeans, at least be allowed to discuss this openly?

It seems that Mr. Jenkins still thinks that this is a free society, where the public debates the issues of the day, come to a conclusion, and then puts its desire into law.

It’s as if he has never even heard of Kellerism, or Political Correctness, or ThoughtCrime.

Ah, nevermind. We all know what’s going to happen: the hostile hordes come for the Free Stuff; the gravy trains ends; things get ugly, fast; and then Leader of the People arises to Save the Day.

Precisely how he saves the day isn’t supposed to be for the cameras… but in today’s world, there is going to be plenty of smartphone videos and stills to show what will happen.

And then, we will hear the Dog that Does Not Bark.

A shrug. A mumbled dodge of the issues. A distinct lack of public reaction.

After all, there’s lots of pictures of aborted children out there, killed for profit; lots of beheaded Christians, killed for Islam; tons of dead and maimed migrants, including children, all in the name of the Welfare Dream. Exactly what the supposed power of all of these pictures come to?

A gust of wind. Distant blather. Empty gestures.

Perhaps, in a future Christian society, such images can be seen as evidence of the violation of God’s Law – a violation that must be publicly denounced or punished.

But today, it’s just random snapshots of things that happen to have occurred today, without greater significance.

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